Exploring the academic side of Encore

Encore High School is a pre-college campus. This does NOT mean the classes are “harder,” rather it describes the way the campus “behaves” as it prepares students for higher education. A highly qualified teaching staff specializes in their respective fields offering a rigorous education with class sizes averaging a Student / Teacher ratio of 27 to 1.

Within the curriculum, Honors courses are offered as well as full inclusion special education programs. Students can also opt to take extra academic courses and plan for early graduation. Encore’s unique pre-college block scheduling allows students to take 9 classes each semester. The parent portal gives students and parents the ability to keep completely up to date on student progress. To keep the line of communication open, Encore also hosts monthly parent teacher conferences on the last Thursday of every month and continuous e-mail communication with teachers.

As part of the regular curriculum, students are required to enroll in classes that follow the minimum four year university admission standards rather than just the regular state of California high school graduation standards. What this means is that the students of Encore graduate with the extra year of foreign language and science that is required for consideration for admission to most universities in the United States.

Incoming seventh grade students are required to take a yearlong class in study skills.  This teaches Encore scholars at a young age how to juggle their academics and their arts education and how to study.

Eighth grade students take a yearlong class in study skills and health that has a direct emphasis on math basics. As a direct reflection of the United States ongoing struggle to compete in Math, Encore has discovered that strengthening math basics, helps students understand the higher level math courses. Then, pushing forward to teaching kids about health helps strengthen their abilities in Biology and Anatomy in high school.

All students are enrolled in a 50 minute daily study hall class. This class gives students the opportunity to get teacher tutoring, work on homework, and team study with fellow classmates on a daily basis. When used correctly, most homework can be completed at school, giving the student only a fraction of their homework to actually be completed at home.

Many of Encore’s active faculty staff is currently pursuing extended education degrees from Masters to Doctorates to advanced credentials. Teachers are required to complete 15 hours of extended learning in their teaching field each year to help support Encore scholars. Teachers collaborate regularly and work on developing progressive curriculum.

Enrollment Information

ENROLLMENT INFO: We are accepting enrollment packets NOW for 2014-2015! Attend our school tour to get yours!!(see below) Beat the wait-list!- We are looking for PASSIONATE Band, Dance, Vocal, Theater and Art Students… HURRY!

SCHOOL TOURS: NEXT TOUR: EVERY Wednesday at 5pm sharp in the A building.

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Information & Announcements

  • Lunch- 2.75 per day. Breakfast 1.50 per day.
  • Get Encore updates via text message! Just text the word Encore to 292929. You can opt out at any time!
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About Academics

Encore High School is a pre-college campus. This does NOT mean the classes are “harder,” rather it describes the way the campus “behaves” as it prepares students... Read More>>




School Hours & Info

  • School Hours: 7:20-3:00
  • Office Hours: 7:00-3:30
  • Phone: 760.956.2632
  • Fax: 760.956.2282

Encore Education Corporation is nonsectarian in its programs, admission policies, employment practices, and all other operations. We do not discriminate against any person based on ethnicity, national origin, gender, or disability. Accredited through the Western Association of School and Colleges.

Charter schools follow the same legislation as any public school and must adhere to the California Department of Education requirements. They are funded by state and federal means and cannot charge tuition. This institution is an equal opportunity provider. Encore’s board of Directors meets on the last Thursday of every month at 6:00 pm. Agendas for board meetings are posted by the front door of the A building. Access to upcoming agendas is available 24 hours per day. Access to public records is available during front office hours only.