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Encore offers opportunities for students to create their own lifelong learner path.


Encore offers limited enrollment for 7th and 8th grade in preparation for the high school experience within Encore.

Junior high students take four core academic classes, a skills class, and a study hall in their course block.

In junior high, Encore spends time filling gaps within math and reading in skills classes and helps students learn how to become great students.  Starting in the 8th grade, Encore offers HONORS courses for students that are craving a more rigorous academic schedule in preparation for high school.

Junior high students are able to take preparatory SAT exams starting in 8th grade to help them understand how to take the ever important college prep exam, the SAT.


Every student that is enrolled at Encore is expected to complete all of the admissions requirement courses for university application by the time they graduate from high school with a “C” or better.  The counseling department will make sure that our students are enrolled in each of the courses outlined by the University of California college board (known as A-G requirements) to ensure student success.

Beginning in 2017, students that earn less than a “C” in any A-G course will be required to make up the course using Encore’s credit recovery and/or summer school programs.  Encore is dedicated to helping students qualify for college.

At the high school level, students can enroll in regular or HONORS courses for completion.  Students wishing to take college level AP exams are encouraged to join the AP study team.  The AP study team spends the year studying for the AP exams held in the spring of each year.  Students can earn both the extra point for their overall grade point average AND take the exam to earn college credit with the AP study team.


Encore celebrates academic achievement.  For most of our students, enrolling in the traditional six year plan in preparation for college acceptance using our regular or HONORS track will provide the appropriate amount of rigor to challenge the student.  In some cases, and sometimes in only one or two subjects, a student may wish to exempt a class by testing out of it.  While exempting a class lets the student skip a course they may have already mastered, it does not count toward high school credit to complete the A-G courses needed for admissions into college.

For students wishing to test out of a course, they must complete the end of the year benchmark exam for the course they are wishing to exempt with an 85% or higher.  For students wishing to schedule the benchmark test to exempt a class, they should make an appointment with the Dean that is in charge of academics on their campus.  Students wishing to take a class exemption must test prior to the first day of school.

In Hesperia, contact Dean of Students, Mr. Steed to request the test at

In Riverside, contact Assistant Dean of Students, Mr. Shaw to request the test at


The EAS is a forum where Encore students can embark on special research and project based learning that connects with the advancement of education within the Encore organization.  Within the EAS, students will have the opportunity to learn and teach academic concepts to fellow students and report on findings within student driven research.  Whether a student is advanced or not, they can advance their personal learning by taking part in EAS.


For students that wish to be a part of EAS, they will be requested to participate in at least ten hours of Tuesday after school tutoring per school year.  For advanced students, they will be able to sign up with teachers to peer tutor within their classroom.  Students that are advanced in math and science are encouraged to tutor in math and science classes.  For students that struggle, they will be able to get the help they need by attending tutoring on Tuesdays after school.

EAS TUTOR TV (Still building) – 

Each month, every academic teacher will post five topics that will be covered within their class over the course of the month that students will have the opportunity to create tutor videos on.  Students will be given access to create their own videos based on the topics listed by their teachers.  Students will be able to gain extra credit within their academic classes and credit toward certification in EAS.


Each quarter, the EAS will release a research competition that is based on academic curriculum  EAS members will be asked to participate in research projects with the end result of being able to publish and use their ancillary materials within the classroom and to help create lifelong learners.

Participants of the research competitions will receive participant ribbons.  Grade level winners will receive trophies.  Grade level winners will meet for a luncheon with grade level winners from both Encore campuses.  They will share their projects, then school and overall winners will be chosen and rewarded with gift cards.

Members of the Encore Academic Society will be responsible for maintaining appropriate records to be able to prove certification for graduation.


  • EARNING A LETTER – EAS members can earn an academic letter for annual participation in EAS.
    • Participate in ten hours of peer tutoring
    • Post at least one YouTube tutoring video each quarter
    • Participate in at least two research competitions during the same school year
    • Submit an academic letter completion application
    • Complete the requirements for an academic letter for EAS for one year
    • Complete the personal college plan project
    • Submit a bronze EAS application
    • Complete the requirements for an academic letter for EAS for two years
    • Complete the personal college plan project
    • Submit a silver EAS application
    • Complete the requirements for an academic letter for EAS for three years
    • Complete the personal college plan project
    • Submit a gold EAS application
    • Complete the requirements for an academic letter for EAS for four or more years
    • Complete the personal college plan project
    • Submit and EAS Lifetime Achievement applictaion
    • Complete the requirements for an academic letter for EAS for a full six years
    • Participate in 60 hours or more of peer tutoring
    • Post at least 24 tutoring videos with 100 views or more
    • Complete the personal college plan project
    • Complete 12 research projects for the research competitions

Deadline for graduation certification is May 1 (or the following school day) of the graduation year.


At Encore, students have several opportunities to work on their academic achievements.  The red letter “E” for Letterman’s sweaters and jackets signifies academic achievement.  Students can get the red letter “E” for either having perfect attendance for the entire school year OR for earning a 3.0 or higher Grade Point Average at the end of each semester.


Students that have earned a 3.0 or higher will receive a certificate in February for Semester 1 and in the following September for Semester 2.  The certificates can be taken to the student store to redeem for the red letter “E” or for the service bars that go with them.  Each student can receive one small red letter “E” in junior high AND THEN one large letter “E” while in high school.  The sweaters and jackets can be ordered and purchased from the student store (Hesperia) or third floor services (Riverside).


Consistent attendance is imperative to academic achievement.  For students that have perfect attendance, this means that you are present and on time for every class during a calendar month, you will receive a $10 coupon toward the purchase of a Letterman’s sweater or jacket.


At the end of the first semester, students that have earned an academic GPA of 3.0 or higher are recognized as part of the Renaissance rally in February.  The themes change and are set by Encore’s ASB department.  There are three levels of recognition for students with academic achievement.

  1. HONORS – students that have earned an academic GPA 0f 3.0  – 3.49 during the first semester will receive a certificate.
  2. HIGH HONORS – students that have earned an academic GPA of 3.5 – 3.99 during the first semester will receive a certificate and a special gift (usually ice cream or candy).
  3. DEAN’S HONORS – students that have earned an academic GPA of 4.0 or higher during the first semester will receive a certificate and a special party (usually lunch and a movie).


HONORS – Students that have earned a cumulative GPA of 3.0 to 3.49 earn the distinction of graduating with a student “honors” stole at graduation

HIGH HONORS – Students thaat have earned a cumulative GPA of 3.5 to 3.99 earn the distinction of graduating with a student “High Honors” stole at graduation.

DEAN’S HONOR ROLL – Students that have earned a cumulative GPA of 4.0 or higher earn the distinction of graduating with a student “Dean’s Honors” stole at graduation.

SALUTATORIAN – Upon graduating, students earning the second highest cumulative academic GPA with the highest number of academic credits earned of the graduating class will be named the salutatorian and will wear a student “salutatorian” stole at graduation and will give the salutatorian speech.  Salutatorian needs to attend Encore for a minimum of three semesters.

VALEDICTORIAN – Upon graduating, students earning the highest cumulative academic GPA with the highest number of academic credits earned of the graduating class will be named valedictorian and will wear a student “valedictorian” stole at graduation and will give the valedictorian speech.  Valedictorian needs to attend Encore for a minimum of three semesters.

It is the goal of Encore to teach our students how to build a successful future using the resources and skills they learn in high school.  As an arts school, the technical education components offered are combined with hands-on experience in the arts industry.  Encore students that take an active role in the projects offered on campus will learn the following key pieces to working in the arts industry:

  1. Work ethic & Time management
  2. Project planning, follow through, and execution
  3. Proper etiquette for artists within their field
  4. Hands-on training and master classes from people within the industry
  5. How to start to look for jobs within their chosen career arts field


In the progressive world of social media and social media as an industry, students should be driven to understand what the machine of YouTube is and how this works as a way to springboard careers.  One of Encore’s career components is a new faction of what Encore offers as ancillary programs.  This is Encore’s YouTube Department.  The world of social media ha changed the way people do business in the world of advertising, research, and in the arts world.  Encore believes that giving students the opportunity to explore this world will help give them the competitive edge after high school.

In the current state of YouTube, there is more to the platform than just watching cats doing funny things.  This billion dollar corporation has helped people create private million dollar businesses.  YouTube (owned by Google) has over 400 million hours of content uploaded every 5 minutes on average.  YouTube has become the way that artists display their talents and for people to create businesses.  As an artist, if you do not have an official YouTube channel, you are closing yourself off to most prospective managers and casting directors.  Artist business cards and headshots are now referring potential employers to social media platforms.  Encore’s mission is to get our students comfortable in looking at the social media platforms as a way of advertising themselves for future employers.


Encore students that are artists should be creating their own YouTube Channels.  For students that have their own OFFICIAL YouTube channels (ones used for the purpose of building a business or artist personality), students can turn in their official channel name to the front office or email the channel name to our Digital Media Manager, Kevin Stone at  Once reviewed, Encore can place it on the Featured Channels list on Encore TV’s channel.  Each quarter, Encore will hold a student contest for Encore TV featured channels to see which YouTuber can gain the most views, likes, or subscribers on their channel by following the rules of the quarterly competition.  Winners will receive gift cards while everyone will gain the understanding of how to grow and advertise their social platform business.


Encore students will also be given the opportunity to seek out specific research and create specific research using social media platforms.  During the 2016/2017 school year, Encore will be developing a “teen tutoring” research YouTube channel that can help fellow Encore students and other students worldwide learn about things that are being taught within the classroom.

  • Students will be given an opportunity to create topic specific academic content for extra credit within all of their academic classes
  • Completed topic specific content will be turned in to the academic teacher, it will be placed live on Encore’s new tutoring YouTube Channel
  • Once the YouTube video is approved by the academic teacher, it will be placed live on Encore’s tutoring YouTube Channel
  • Students will then be able to advertise their video to gain views  The more views a video gains, the more a student can earn in credit
  • Students are encouraged to drive organic traffic to their research video
  • Top five newly viewed research videos each month will earn gift cards
  • All approved videos will earn extra credit
  • Students creating 10 or more academic videos with 100 or more organic views will receive a spirit letter
  • For every student created video that earns 100 or more organic views, the student will receive a gift card to either fast food restaurants, ITunes, retail locations, or the student store


Encore students wishing to pursue a career in the arts world are encouraged to start an official YouTube channel to promote themselves to the world outside of Encore.  There will be quarterly seminars given to the students of Encore to help them design and create a viable YouTube channel for the purpose of self promotion.

At these quarterly seminars, students will be asked to give their YouTube channel to the presenter.  Encore will review the channels and give critiques on the channels to help the students refine what they do to be more effective.

Encore will highlight and promote YouTube channels on the Encore networks to help students gain subscribers to their official channels.  Encore will also choose campus performers for lunch rallies and other special events throughout the year based on YouTube content.

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The junior high years at Encore High School are a perfect time to help students prepare for their journey to high school and university.  In seventh grade, students are taught how to change classes, how to study in a block schedule, and how to manage time as a critical thinker and artist.  There are nine classes in a block.  There is a silent study hall, a skills class, and four core academic classes.

7th Grade –

  • Math 7
  • Reading / Language Arts 7
  • World History 7
  • Science 7
  • Study Skills 7
  • Silent Study Hall
  • 3 Elective Choices

8th Grade –

  • Math 8
  • Reading / Language Arts 8
  • US History 8
  • Science 8
  • Life Skills 8
  • Silent Study Hall
  • 3 Elective Classes

Beginning in eighth grade, students have the opportunity to take either the traditional track of courses of the advanced HONORS track of academic courses.  Students in seventh grade looking for additional challenges should start by joining the Encore Academic Society.  For students in eighth grade wishing to move into the Honors track, they can do so by representing that they have completed seventh grade with straight As in their academic classes and receive a recommendation from their teachers.  They should make an appointment with counseling and their parents / guardians to make the appropriate academic track changes.  Honors courses are available in most academic classes.  For students taking honors classes, they receive an extra point for their grade point average for As, Bs, and Cs.

The high school years at Encore are a journey to prepare students for college, career, and life.  There are a variety of opportunities for academic, artistic, and professional growth.  Encore’s high school program is created on a four year track  Students wishing to complete high school early should meet with counseling early (9th grade) to appropriately plan for an early graduation.  If students are on a professional artist track that may require times of extended leave and independent study, students should make an appointment with counseling.

Encore has adopted the University of California admissions requirements as the graduation requirements for Encore.  All students will be enrolled in courses that satisfy California university admissions requirements (A-G requirements).  If your student does not plan on attending a CSU or UC after high school, they should research admissions requirements to make sure that they will have completed the appropriate courses for admission to the university of choice.  While A-G is the most common worldwide, this is not an exact admissions requirement for every college.

Only students that pass the classes with a “C” or better will qualify as completed A-G courses.  Students scoring less than a “C” will be put on a path to retake or makeup the course beginning in 2017.

All high school students are required at minimum to complete the A-G course requirements by graduation

2 years required World History
World History Honors
US History
US History Honors
Grade 10
Grade 10
Grade 11
Grade 11
B. ENGLISH Courses Offered Year Taken
4 years required English I
English I Honors
English II
English II Honors
English III
English III Honors
English IV
English IV Honors
Grade 9
Grade 9
Grade 10
Grade 10
Grade 11
Grade 11
Grade 12
Grade 12
C. MATHEMATICS Courses Offered Offered all years
3 years required

4 years recommended

Math I
Math I Honors
Math II
Math II Honors
Math III
Math III Honors
PreCalculus Honors
Calculus Honors
Taken in succession
D. LAB SCIENCE Courses Offered Offered all years
2 years required

3 years recommended

Biology Honors
Chemistry Honors
Anatomy Honors
Taken in succession
E. FOREIGN LANGUAGE Courses Offered Offered all years
2 years required

3 years recommended

American Sign Language (IS only)
Spanish 1
Spanish 2
Spanish 3/4
Taken in succession
1 year required Encore offers a wide variety of conservatory arts classes that fulfill this requirement Students are encouraged to take 3 arts courses each year of enrollment
G. COLLEGE PREP ELECTIVE Courses Offered Year Taken
1 year required of any A-F course Encore uses the one year of CA state graduation required Economics / Government to fullfill the minimum requirement. Students of Encore have multiple opportunities to go above and beyond the minimum requirements.

On both campuses, Encore offers a limited full time independent study program for high school students grades 9 – 12.  This independent study program uses an online curriculum program, CyberHigh.  If you know you are going to need short term or long term independent study, please contact the appropriate person at least 5 business days in advance.

  • The purpose for a full time independent study program is for students that have other obligations that might take them off campus for an extended period of time.
  • Students enrolled in full time independent study are required to meet with the independent study facilitator once every ten days.
  • While enrolled in long term independent study, students are able to take one arts class to be able to fulfill the A-G requirements for college admissions.  These art classes take part every other day.
  • To fulfill the lab requirements for all lab sciences, students will take part in lab finals on campus during finals week.
  • For students interested in long term independent study, they should contact the independent study advisor for their campus
    • HESPERIA – Fred Franke,
    • RIVERSIDE – Tyler Roth,
  • Short term independent study for students for all grades is available through the attendance office.  Short term refers to less than 10 days.
    • HESPERIA – Debbie Garret,
    • RIVERSIDE – Marion Castro,

If you have any questions regarding the independent study programs offered through Encore High School, please contact the Dean of Student Services, Tony Castro at