Encore High School is a pre-college campus. This does NOT mean the classes are “harder,” rather it describes the way the campus “behaves” as it prepares students for higher education. A highly qualified teaching staff specializes in their respective fields offering a rigorous education with class sizes averaging a Student / Teacher ratio of 27 to 1.

Within the curriculum, Honors courses are offered as well as full inclusion special education programs. Students can also opt to take extra academic courses and plan for early graduation. Encore’s unique pre-college block scheduling allows students to take 9 classes each semester. The parent portal gives students and parents the ability to keep completely up to date on student progress. To keep the line of communication open, Encore also hosts monthly parent teacher conferences on the last Wednesday of every month and continuous e-mail communication with teachers.

As part of the regular curriculum, students are required to enroll in classes that follow the minimum four year university admission standards rather than just the regular state of California high school graduation standards. What this means is that the students of Encore graduate with the extra year of foreign language and science that is required for consideration for admission to most universities in the United States.

Many of Encore’s active faculty staff is currently pursuing extended education degrees from Masters to Doctorates to advanced credentials. Teachers are required to complete extended learning in their teaching field each year to help support Encore scholars. Teachers collaborate regularly and work on developing progressive curriculum.

The Language Arts department at Encore encompasses all levels of English Language Arts and Spanish. The curriculum aligns to CCSS for ELA and covers the essential standards of Reading and Writing through the 4 Cs: Creativity, Communication, Collaboration, and Critical thinking. Student express their creativity through: Drawing chapter summaries, filming commercials, collages, conductin Socratic seminars, writing original poetry, dramatic interpretations of stories, and rewriting scences or ending of novels/plays. Real world applications include: Colleg Admission Essays, Career Research Essays and Job Portfolios.
The Humanities Department at Encore aligns to the Common Core ELA Standards for History, and the CA History Standards. The Humanities Department is committed to helping students become creative and independent thinkers by guiding them in the understanding and analysis of important political, geographic, economic, legal and social issues of our contemporary and historical world. The Humanities Department brings History to life through various activities like: Music and dance, costume – roll play, Propaganda posters/film/radio broadcast, creating songs for specific time periods, soldier journals, Historical figure press conferences, French Revolution Twitter feed and cross-curricular activities (Zombie Apocalypse).
The Mathematics Department at Encore aligns to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and seeks to engage students in a full college preparatory curriculum from Pre-Algebra to College-Prep courses. The goal of Encore’s Mathematics Department is to provide an educational experience in mathematics that helps students prepare for successful roles in an ever changing society. This is accomplished through our commitment to excellent teaching, a well-designed curriculum, hands-on learning, cross-curricular projects and a supportive environment for all our students. Encore’s mathematics students express their creativity through: creating conic shapes, drawing and coloring Tessellations, creating geometric shaped dance floors, and acting out math equations on a large grid. The Real world applications include: Money, Budgets, Architecture, Engineering and Technology.
The Science Department at Encore aligns to the Common Core ELA Standards for Science, the CA Science Standards and we are introducing the Next Generation Science Standards. The Science Department works to motivate and teach students to scientifically approach the world by incorporating critical thinking, problem solving, and real-world application of science concepts into every classroom. This is accomplished through various labs (dissections, rockets, candle-making, and mouse-trap cars), hands-on activities, and computer simulations (Zombie Apocalypse). Encore’s science students express their creativity through cross-curricular projects: Creating a gland song / dance, drawing genetic crosses of dinosaurs, creating infomercials on health topics, creating informational pamphlets on diseases, and photographing nature. The Real world applications include: Healthy lifestyles, Problem Solving, Architecture, Engineering and Technology