Academic Philosophy

With consistent collaboration between academics and arts conservatories, Encore students have become passionate about achieving success through their academic and arts programs. Students have completed graduate requirements early and about 75% of all Encore graduates have enrolled in post secondary education programs. Of the students that firmly embrace the arts conservatory programs, a good portion of them have been awarded scholarships to Universities across the country from UCLA to Yale.

Educational Philosophy Encore shall offer a creative learning environment combining intensive studies of arts education with intensive pre college academic classes. Offering low student/teacher ratios, this high school is a great stepping stone to college.

  • An educated person of the 21st century is well rounded and can use critical thinking to work through every day problems. With education beyond high school through either University, Trade, or Life Experience – an educated person can interact, socialize, and flourish in today’s society.
  • A student will be most successful in their high school career if they enjoy the educational atmosphere in their institution. It is important that the academic lessons are challenging, but clear. It is also important that electives appeal to the student directly. Combining both what they have to learn with what they want to learn will help each student tolerate what they hate to do and passionately explore what they love to do, ultimately helping them succeed at both.


The ideal candidate for this School is highly motivated with an interest in performing and/or technical arts. They have aspirations of a higher education and possibly a career in one of the many arts fields upon completion of college. Encore is open to any student grades 7 through 12 that is a California resident. Whether the student is highly talented or just an arts enthusiast, the appreciation and study of the arts will help motivate the students of Encore.


To help the students of Encore excel in their education, small class sizes, block schedules, arts correlations, graduate lecture halls, and after school / lunch tutoring will help each student succeed. The goal of Encore is to have students achieving at or above grade level in benchmark testing and in their everyday life.

TRADITIONAL CLASSES – It is the philosophy of the founders of Encore that there are certain things in traditional education that work. Encore believes that students learn best from an engaged teacher in a classroom setting where students can interact with a person. Use of technology within a classroom is a great correlation tool, but having the human interaction and time in the social setting of a traditional classroom is key to the social and academic success of a high school student.

BLOCK SCHEDULE – A block schedule gives teachers a 90-minute class period to teach material. Classes meet every other day so students have two days to complete homework assignments. The longer class period offers a teacher more lecture and project time. The transition and “settle down” time for a class period will not cut into the learning process because of the reduced number of transitions. Similar schedules have been adopted at Quail Valley Middle School in Phelan. This block schedule has contributed to their success in meeting the 800 API standard. Encore – High Desert also uses the block schedule and has successfully prepared students for college schedules after high school.

ARTS CORRELATIONS – Not all students learn in the same way. Some students excel when they read. Some students excel when they hear. Some students excel when they see. Some students excel when they feel. Using drama, music, dance, and art as a way for students to further learn about History, English, Math, and Science helps bring core curriculum to life. English students have taken part in rich literature dramas such as Shakespeare’s “Tempest”. Mark Twain’s stories were told onstage in the Broadway musical “Big River.”   Science students have studied the dynamics of science in dance. Math students designed geometric dance floors.   Musicians learn how to technically factor through learning and practicing how to read music. Dancers learn the science of physics as they strengthen their balance and symmetry. Art imitates life. Teaching the students of Encore High School for the Arts this simple fact, helps them see core curriculum in a new way and helps them gain a new understanding of even difficult subjects.

GRADUATE LECTURE HALLS – In order to appropriately prepare juniors and seniors for college, Encore incorporates a lecture style course within areas of history, economics, and government. This class teaches the Encore student discipline necessary in college, especially during the freshman year of college when lecture classes can soar up to 500 people in a class.

AFTER SCHOOL TUTORING – At Encore, all academic teachers are required to post office hours and stay after for one hour at least one day per week so students can get the extra help they need to succeed in their academic classes. Math classes, where American students struggle most, have an after school program called the Pi-rate club, where math tutoring takes place Monday through Thursday for one hour after school.


ACADEMICS  – As a high school program, Encore has adopted the University admissions guidelines (A-G requirements) and require these guidelines as the graduation requirement from this School. Encore will host dual graduation requirements dependent on the student plan after graduation, state standards graduation or pre college standard graduation. Encore – Riverside will enroll all students in courses according to Encore’s six year plan. The six year plan includes all courses that are admission requirements for UC/CSU colleges. Parents are updated via the internet as to how their child will successfully transfer their high school credits from Encore to the University or College of their choice. All course curriculums follow the outline given by the Common Core State Standards, or equivalent, the California State Content Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “State Standards”) and strictly adhere to the higher level of learning standards.

Encore has created a six year plan to graduation for all students entering in the 7th grade to help them through the precollege preparation.

  • 7th grade mandatory classes – English Language Arts 7, Mathematics 7, World History 7, Life Science
  • 8th grade mandatory classes – English Language Arts 8, Mathematics 8, US History 8, Physical Science
  • 9th grade classes – English 1, Math 1, Spanish 1, Biology
  • 10th grade classes – English 2, Math 2, World History, Spanish 2, Chemistry or Environmental Science
  • 11th grade classes – English 3, Math 3, Chemistry or Anatomy, US History, recommended Spanish 3
  • 12th grade classes – English 4, Economics/Government, recommended Pre-Calculus, recommended Anatomy if not already taken as Junior, 4 Conservatory Electives