Encore aligns with California standards for all Humanities courses.  Over the six year plan, students will cover all facets of world history, US history, American Government, and Economics.  The curriculum within the Humanities courses use Teachers Curriculum Institute “Alive!” series that is highly dependent on projects and activities to teach the fundamentals within the Humanities.

Each course is a yearlong course, except American Government and Economics.  These courses are semester long and are each taught once per year for seniors at Encore.  All high school courses have been A-G approved in order to count toward college acceptance.  Students wishing to be placed in honor’s courses are required to get at least 90% in the prior humanities course.  All honor’s courses at Encore are awarded the extra point toward overall grade point averages.  Students wishing to take the Advanced Placement test for any humanities course (AP) are encouraged to enroll in a college skills course.  The purpose of the college skills course is to give students an opportunity to study for the exam at the end of the year.


Ms. Cynthia Roach, Master Teacher
Ms. Cynthia Roach has a Bachelor of Arts in Social Science, a clear California Teaching Credential, has completed coursework for a Master of Arts in Teaching, and is working on finishing her Masters’ Thesis. Ms. Roach’s teaching experiences over the last ten years have ranged from 7th Grade World History to 9th Grade Physical and Cultural Geography, to 10th Grade Modern World History, and she is currently teaching juniors and seniors in US History and Government and Economics. Ms. Roach loves helping the students to begin to develop their own ideas about History, Government, and Economics through class participation activities, simulations, debates, as well as expressing what they are learning through cross-curricular projects based in the varying arts disciplines the students are involved with on campus. To Ms. Roach, her students are also her ‘kids’ who never cease to bring a smile to her face and tears of laughter as they creatively express the concepts they have learned.

Mr. Chad Watkins
World History teacher Mr. Watkins has an intense passion for learning and teaching that becomes contagious in the classroom.  His passion, ability to engage and inspire the students through hands-on learning, and a tendency for a little dramatic flare captured the attention and respect of the student body at the Encore campus in Hesperia.  He attained his Bachelors of Arts in Social Science with an emphasis in History, Geography and Anthropology and has his teaching credentials from the University of La Verne. Mr. Watkins is excited to bring his teaching style and the Encore culture to the students in Riverside.

Mr. Brandon Asdel
“My name is Brandon Asdel and this is my 2nd year teaching History at Encore!  I graduated from Sonoma State University with a Bachelor’s in Political Science and then received my credential through the University of Redlands School of Education.  I love teaching History because of the way it tells this epic story that can lend us so many different perspectives (good and bad!) on current issues.  I currently coach the Mock Trial and Speech and Debate Team on campus, which is an awesome experience, both for the excitement of the legal battles and due to the fantastic students I have the privilege of working with.”

Mr. Hector Hernandez
Mr. Hector S. Hernandez, 7th grade World History.  He takes great pride helping students understand world history and connecting each lesson with real world application. Prior to teaching, Mr. Hernandez worked as a civilian Convoy Commander at Fort Irwin providing support to soldiers before being deployed.  He earned his Bachelor’s degree in history and is well on his way finishing his Master’s Degree in Education from Azusa Pacific University.