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Encore’s Admissions



Encore is a tuition free school that any student that is a resident of the state of California is welcome to attend.  In order to find out in depth information about Encore and the enrollment process, please visit us for one of our interest meetings held on most Tuesdays in Riverside and Wednesdays in Hesperia.

Students can be added to the candidate enrollment list throughout the year and up to two years in advance.


  • Candidate students must attend an interest meeting to enroll in the school
  • Candidate students must complete an enrollment packet to be able to be placed on the candidate enrollment list
  • Candidate students must complete EITHER an arts workshop (beginners) OR an arts conservatory audition (advanced artists)
  • Candidate students must complete a school orientation with their guardian to enroll in Encore
  • Candidate students will start choosing courses for the fall term in March
  • Candidate students wishing to enroll for the current year can enroll (if wait list permits) up to April 1 of the current school year
  • Candidate students that are currently in 4th or 5th grade can get on the interest lists for their incoming school year starting in January
  • Encore has interest lists for the fall of 2018 enrollment and the fall of 2019 enrollment
  • There is a limited number of spaces on the Encore campus for new students.  Make sure to stay on top of the enrollment process so your admission is not delayed
  • In the event that there are not enough seats for the candidate students, a lottery and wait list will occur


  • Encore High School has two locations, Hesperia and Riverside California.
  • Any California resident grades seven through 12 can enroll at Encore High School.
  • To make sure that every family understands what being an Encore pirate means, it is a condition of enrollment that everyone attends and interest meeting.
  • Meetings take place most weeks (except holidays and extended breaks) on campus and last about two hours.
  • During the interest meeting, families will be taken through the ins and outs of the Encore experience.
  • All questions that you may have about Encore can be asked at the conclusion of the meeting.
  • It is recommended that the student and at least one parent attends.


Take place every Tuesday night at 5:00 pm
After Spring Break, tours will resume on Tuesday April 10th

Effective March 23rd 2018, meetings are held in our Arts Building located at 3460 Orange Street, Room H1, Riverside. Entrance to H1 is from 5th Street.


Take place every Wednesday night at 5:00 pm
After Spring Break, tours will resume on Wednesday April 11th

The Meetings start in the A Building located at 16955 Lemon Street, Hesperia

Reasonable Accommodation for any individual with a Disability: Pursuant to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, any individual with a disability who requires reasonable accommodation to attend or to participate in these meetings may request assistance by contacting the EEC office at (760) 949-2036, a minimum of 48 hour prior to the meeting.


No one should be afraid of Encore’s Arts Assessments.  While Arts assessments are a condition of enrollment, they are not a “pass” or “fail” type of assignment.  The biggest thing that everyone needs to remember is that Encore is trying to place new students in appropriate classes while giving them a glimpse of the commitment to arts excellence.

When you start the process, who are you as an artist?

  • I AM A BEGINNER – This is someone that has no current training in arts courses, but really wants to learn.  These arts enthusiasts will choose to take part in a “New Kid Workshop.”  There are two types of workshops that new students can choose
    • Performance Workshop – This is for candidates that are interested in any art form that deals with being on stage or performing. (CIRQUE, DANCE, INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC, THEATRE, VOCAL MUSIC)
    • Hands On Workshop – This is for candidates that are interested in any art form that deals with visual, technical, or career arts.
    • 2018 Workshop Date – HESPERIA FEBRUARY 10, 10 am – 12 noon
    • 2018 Workshop Date – RIVERSIDE MARCH 3, 10 am – 12 noon
    • 2018 Workshop Date – HESPERIA APRIL 14, 10 am – 12 noon
    • 2018 Workshop Date – RIVERSIDE MAY 5, 10 am – 12 noon
    • 2018 Workshop Date – HESPERIA JUNE 30, 10 am – 12 noon
    • 2018 Workshop Date – RIVERSIDE JULY 21, 10 am – 12 noon
    • 2018 Workshop Date – HESPERIA JULY 28, 10 am – 12 noon
    • 2018 Workshop Date – RIVERSIDE AUGUST 4, 10 am – 12 noon
    • 2018 Workshop Date – HESPERIA AUGUST 11, 10 am – 12 noon
    • 2018 Workshop Date – RIVERSIDE AUGUST 18, 10 am – 12 noon
    • Students starting midyear will take a new kid workshop on their first day of school.
  • I AM AN EXPERIENCED ARTIST – This is someone that has two or more years of formal training within their arts genre.  Students that have experience are encouraged to audition into an arts conservatory.  Incoming students will be leveled into a conservatory levels 1 – 3 (no incoming student is leveled higher than a level 3 in their first year) based on their successful mastery of specific techniques listed on the assessment short form.
    • Assessment Short Form – is used for new incoming students only.  Copies of the assessment forms are available online and at the enrollment desk.
    • Audition Process – Individual appointments will be made for a conservatory audition with an Encore Assessment Coach.  These auditions will be scheduled within 30 days of turning in paperwork for enrollment.   Students starting midyear will audition on their first day of school.
  • I HAVE SOME EXPERIENCE IN MY ART – This is someone that has one to two years of formal training within their arts genre.  Students in this place can choose to enter Encore as a beginner or audition to get into a conservatory.  The choice is up to them.  If they audition for a conservatory, but do not display mastery on the assessments, they will be able to choose coursework based on their level.



The final meeting is organized after all other enrollment steps are completed.  This is the final step to official enrollment in Encore.  Final meetings start taking place during March of the year of fall enrollment.  Encore requests that the student and one guardian attends the final meeting.  There is limited space available at the final meeting, so Encore respectfully requests that siblings and extended family not attend this meeting.

The final meeting is the paperwork meeting.  During this time you will be required to:

  1. Complete the emergency and emergency contact card for the fall
  2. Residency status
  3. NSLP application
  4. Parent Code of Conduct
  5. Student Code of Conduct
  6. Course selections for the fall

Once this meeting it completed, the student is officially enrolled in Encore and is an official pirate.


How do the classes at Encore High School work?
Just like a university, students will choose to take courses within the two sides of Encore to complete their high school education. Encore operates as a six-year high school plan, so some of the opportunities at Encore are unique only to Encore.
What are the two sides?
1. School of Academics is where the students of Encore will choose to complete all their academic courses.
2. School of Fine Arts is where the students will choose a House to complete a major at Encore High School, with plans to graduate with certification(s) in the Arts House and conservatory they choose.

Ok, now I’m confused. There are two schools at Encore?

No. When you enter a four-year university, you will choose a “school” that you will enter when you enroll in that university. For a post secondary school to be considered a University, they must have at least two schools within their education (for example, Harvard School of Law or UCLA School of Medicine). Encore is trying to help our students maneuver college after high school, so we have chosen to use some of the terminology that they will see when they enter a University.

How do I select my classes at Encore High School?

Returning students – As a returning student, you will be given a course selection sheet and a course catalog before you go on spring break each year.
New students – You will be given a course sheet and a course catalog on either assessment or orientation day. You will turn in your course sheet on orientation day.

Once I fill out my course sheet, am I guaranteed to get those classes?

No. Your course sheet represents your first choices for the classes that you would like to take. Encore tries to accommodate everyone’s course choices. Unfortunately, the more unique a class is (meaning how many times it is offered) the more difficult it could be to get into it. Just like in college, you are going to want to prepare to compromise if your schedule just doesn’t work the way you had hoped.

How many classes do I get?

Encore works on a block schedule. This means that you will visit the same classes every other day for 92 minutes. Each student sees eight classes in their block schedule.  All eight courses will be selected using your course sheet.

Independent Study –

Encore offers full time independent study for grades 9 – 12. If you wish to enroll in independent study, you will be required to visit the campus once per week to turn in completed work. You can select a maximum of one on campus arts course that will count for fine arts credit each semester to prepare for A-G university acceptance. To get credit for the on-campus course, you must attend the class every other day. Ask about online options for fine arts credit as well.

Early Dismissal and Late Arrival –

Students can choose late arrival and early dismissal from school within their block. This is counted as an elective in the block. Students taking early dismissal or late arrival cannot stay on campus. They must sign out and leave campus as soon as that class period starts. Encore does not offer any transportation for students with early dismissal or late arrival.

Summer School –

Encore offers a limited online summer school for makeup courses, improved grade courses, and to work ahead for grade 9 – 12 only. A maximum of two semester courses can be taken during the summer. No arts classes are offered during the summer.


Encore’s Special Education program involves a full inclusion program.  With a full time school psychologist and teachers credentialed in special education, Encore prides itself on the social development of students with disabilities on the Encore campuses.  Each student is placed in general education courses with a specific IEP for how academic coursework will be administered.  Encore is dedicated to giving all students identified with special needs the most appropriate academic program and access to Encore’s programs in the least restrictive environment.  An instructional aide is assigned to a cluster of general education teachers to be able to appropriately help with modifications and accommodations within the classroom.

Information on special services including copies of IEPs and 504’s must be provided by the guardian and added to the student file at the time of enrollment. By not providing a copy of a current IEP or 504 you are impeding the process and enrolling the student without modifications or services.