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The Applied Arts Conservatory is an engaging compendium of the 6 arts conservatories at Encore. The purpose of this conservatory is to help students find themselves artistically and to gain the skills necessary to assess into conservatory.

Applied Arts

If you have been placed in the Applied Arts Conservatory your two main courses are Applied Arts and Arts Appreciation. These courses have been designed to give you the tools you need to have a broad understanding of all of the arts taught at Encore as well as many different career paths that are available in the arts. The third elective in the Applied Arts Conservatory is P.E. This class will increase your conformability with your body and include conditioning, stretching and strength building exercises that will help you get into the Dance or Cirque Conservatories. (Cardio is extremely helpful for actors, instrumentalists and vocalists as well!)

Conservatory Preparation Kit

In addition to these courses you can download and print (or purchase a physical copy in the student store) a conservatory preparation toolkit from the school website. This booklet contains a checklist of the things you need to master in order to be able to assess into conservatory. In the beginning of the book there is a technique checklist to help you keep track of the things you have learned. We strongly advise using the internet to supplement the techniques and lessons in this book.

After School Arts Tutoring

It’s hard to learn from a book! We agree, so we have hired experienced Encore alumni for after school arts tutoring. These Encore trained artists can help you master everything in your Conservatory Prep Kit. They will also sign off on the techniques you have mastered along the way! While technique must be mastered to assess into conservatory, it is helpful to see how dedicated you are to learning the required skills for your path.

1.) Applied Arts

2.) Arts Appreciation

3.) Physical Fitness

Download the assessment forms below to know which techniques are needed to assess into a different conservatory. Please note that these forms are subject to change as we continually raise the bar on the difficulty of our programs.

Dance Assessment Form

Visual / Technical Arts Assessment Form

Performing and Technical Theatre Assessment form

Cirque Acrobatics Assessment Form

Piano / Guitar Assessment Form

Band / Strings Assessment Form

Vocal Music Assessment Form

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