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Cord Certification

Encore offers not only a diploma at high school graduation letting the world know that you have completed your high school career, but also a conservatory certificate. This distinction is reserved for students that have auditioned to become part of an arts conservatory, completed the necessary coursework, participated in the required extra events, and created and submitted a portfolio in their discipline prior to graduation. This is an elite distinction that requires a minimum of 200 after school hours to be completed each year. It is a four year program. Upon completion of an arts certification at Encore, a student earns the distinction of wearing a special cord at graduation, walking with honors, and receiving a separate certificate during the graduation ceremony. The student’s distinct certification is also placed on their school transcripts.

Students wishing to participate in the conservatory certification program should use the following pages to keep track of where they sit in the certification process. Certification does not mean that a student has taken a bunch of classes within an arts discipline that they enjoy. It means that they have shown a level of commitment and distinction that will place them into a level of mastery of their arts discipline upon graduation.

This certification is not easy to acquire. Many students that are placed within a conservatory will not earn arts certification. Certification means that the student has been fully immersed in that arts discipline throughout their entire arts career at Encore.

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Cord Certification Requirements