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Encore dance conservatory is one of the largest conservatories in the organization.  Encompassing a variety of dance genres, students involved in the dance conservatory have the opportunity to participate in several productions each year, dance recitals, and dance competitions.  Whether students are interested in classical or commercial dance genres, Encore dancers are exposed to many different styles of dance.

In the dance conservatory, students are able to explore multi levels of dance in the genres of ballet, jazz, lyrical, choreography, and tap. Students auditioning for the dance conservatory are leveled according to ability, experience, and talent. If a student has a passion for dance, they can choose to take elective classes solely from the dance conservatory and are advised on how to make the most of their dance instruction to help them reach their goals, professionally and academically using dance as a stepping stone.


PREMASTER DANCER – A Premaster dancer is enrolled in, assessed, and has taken courses at Level 4 at Encore for a minimum of 1 year.  A Premaster would be the equivalent of a level 5 dancer and must be at least grade 10. As a Premaster dancer, students are required to TA in a Level 2 or lower class in dance and will be given a semester project to complete involving choreography and production. A Premaster will usually be responsible for creating a class piece for the dance class they TA in.

MASTER DANCER – A Master dancer is enrolled in, assessed, has taken courses at Level 4 at Encore for a minimum of 2 years, and has completed the Premaster Dancer program from Encore.  A Master would be the equivalent of a level 6 dancer and must be at least grade 10.  As a Master dancer, students are required to TA in a Level 3 or lower class in dance and will have juried assessments and a semester project involving choreography, production, and direction.  Master Dancers are responsible for creating a professional portfolio and website for the promotion of their personal dance career.


  • All dancers are required to wear black leotards / pink tights (girls) and black tights / black tees (males) for all ballet classes.
  • Appropriate dance shoes are required for all classes.
  • Sports physicals must be turned in by August 1 prior to the school year starting or students will not be allowed to participate in conservatory classes.
  • The Dance Conservatory’s Official Color is – PINK
Level I Level II Level III Level IV
Ballet I Ballet / Lyrical II* PrePointe / Pointe* Ballet / Lyrical IV*
Jazz / Lyrical I Jazz / Tap II* Jazz III* Jazz IV*
Mens Dance Men’s Ballet* Lyrical III* Advanced Pointe *
Dance Technique Hip Hop* Tap III* Tap IV*
Ballroom I Acting I Choreography I* Choreography II*

* = Must Assess Into The Class
All Dance Conservatory Classes count for PE Credit

The assessment form for each conservatory is the map of the curriculum for the different levels of class offered at Encore. There are two columns in each level marked M and NM. They stand for Master and Non-Mastery. In order to move to the next level you must achieve a mastery in every single technical skill in that column. Any skill not at the Mastery level will keep you in the current level.

Click Here to see the Dance Conservatory Assessment Form

For additional help assessing into Level I Jazz or Ballet, please click here.


Miss Kelli – Hesperia and Riverside

Kelli Kaku has been loving dance since the age of 3. She grew up dancing at The Dance Studio of Fresno located in the Central Valley. After high school she attended UC Irvine where she was a part of the UCI Dance Team as well as the hip-hop team, Kaba Modern. After graduating with a B.A. in Dance and a minor in Educational Studies, Kelli went back to school to receive her teaching credential. Miss Kelli is focused on proper ballet training and is one of the ballet choreographers at Encore.  This is now her 2nd year teaching dance at Encore and she couldn’t be happier!

Miss Cassie – Hesperia and Riverside

Cassie Rambaud started dancing at the age of 5 at The Dance Studio of Fresno. She has worked with prestigious choreographers such as Mia Michaels, Peter Chu, Brian Friedman, and Tyce Diorio. After competing with the studio for 9 years, Cassie began teaching and coaching under the renowned studio owner Sue Sampson-Dalena. This will be her 2nd year teaching at Encore and she is very excited for this new year!

Miss Tasha – Hesperia

Dance Instructor, Ms. Tasha Tait, has a Bachelors of Arts in Latin American and Iberian Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Growing up, Tasha danced jazz and tap in a local theater group. At UC Santa Barbara, she participated in the Cotillion Dance Club as well as the Swing and Ballroom Dance Club. With over 12 years experience, Tasha is a member of many Southern Californian partner dance scenes, and she teaches locally throughout the High Desert. During her undergrad, Tasha studied abroad in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where she learned Portuguese, the language of her grandparents. Following graduation in 2009, Tasha taught English in Madrid, Spain. Her love of languages translates to the dance floor. “Dance is a universal language that transcends cultures, borders, race, ethnicity, social norms. If you can express yourself through art, you can learn to speak the universal language of empathy.” – Ms. Tasha

Mr J.R. – Hesperia

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Tara Ward – Hesperia and Riverside

Rachel Carron – Hesperia and Riverside