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Declare Your Conservatory

Declare Your Conservatory Packet

Starting in the fall 2016, Encore High School for the Arts is refining the conservatory programs on campus. All students are asked to declare their conservatory to be able to receive the perks for that conservatory.


  • Every student at Encore must complete an audition before they are accepted as an Encore pirate. The conservatory that a student auditions in should be the conservatory that they take a minimum of two classes in IF they are assessed at a level 1 or higher.
  • Starting in the fall of 2016, students that declare a conservatory (much like declaring a major in college) will have access to additional perks within that conservatory. Only declared students will have access to these conservatory perks.
  • Students declaring a conservatory will receive cool swag and opportunities to purchase specific swag within their conservatory. They will also receive a conservatory letter for their letterman’s sweater / jacket.
  • In order to Declare a Conservatory, a student must assess in a Level 1 or higher within an arts conservatory class AND choose at least two classes within the same conservatory.  Students will declare their major and as a result, will be invited to take part in master classes, field trips, and productions within their conservatory over the course of the year.  There are four conservatory levels of training in each conservatory, then a premaster and masters level of training to round out a student’s Encore career.  At the conclusion of the six years of conservatory training, students will have an up to date arsenal of tools to help them reach their arts goals.

For most Encore students, declaring a conservatory will be easy.  If they have already chosen two electives within the same conservatory and they were assessed at a level 1 or higher, students will only need to fill out the form sent home and return it.  Then, this fall, they will get information about their conservatory and the special projects that are open to their conservatory.  No other action will be needed for these students.  When you look over the forms as a declared student, you may have interest in one of the new courses that is being offered.  You can select one of those when you return your course form.

For students that have not declared a conservatory but have assessed in more than one conservatory at a level 1 or higher, they can declare a conservatory and take two classes within one conservatory and then additional classes within other conservatories that they have assessed in a Level 1 or higher in.  If the student has already done this, then no other action is needed.

For students that have not assessed in a Level 1 or higher within a conservatory but know where they want to focus their studies, they will have the opportunity to sign up for after school classes that will prepare them for the conservatory assessment tests.  Once a student can pass the assessment test into a level 1, they can join the conservatory at the following semester.  The after school classes are taught by alumni and have limited space available.  Classes will run on Mondays and Wednesdays for one hour after school.  Students interested in taking these classes will be able to sign up for one day per week.  There is no busing offered for these classes nor is there a cost for these classes.  Students will have to audition / interview into these classes.

For students that have not assessed in a Level 1 conservatory and/or do not know what conservatory they are interested in, they can declare the NEW Applied Arts Conservatory as their own.  The Applied Arts conservatory is an exploratory survey of the arts conservatories offered at Encore.  Applied Arts students will have the opportunity to experience the arts as a topical introduction to the conservatories AND take a look at the arts industry as career opportunities.  They will have the ability to look at fields within the arts (like the movie industry), and dissect the industry to explore careers available within each industry.

For students that have assessed in a Level 3 or higher in two or more conservatories and a Level 2 in at least one conservatory, they can declare the NEW Commercial Arts Conservatory.  Students that declare Commercial Arts can take classes in any of the three conservatories that they have assessed in.

The new program is going to be an amazing improvement to our already world class training.  Students that have questions can come to a lunch meeting in Hesperia on Tuesday in the theater and on Thursday in the Student Union in Riverside.  The information regarding “Declaring a Conservatory” will be added to the Encore website on Monday.  Students that Declare a Conservatory will be able to get a free tee shirt for their conservatory this fall.  They will have seven full day conservatory events over the next school year and will be able to become Masters within their own conservatory.  I am very excited to see the refinement within our arts program.  Declarations for students in Hesperia are due tomorrow, with last deadline due Wednesday.  Declarations for students in Riverside are due next Monday.