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The Audition/Assessment form for each conservatory is the map of the curriculum for the different levels of class offered at Encore. There are two columns in each level marked (M) Mastery and (NM) Not-Mastery. The student must achieve a mastery in every single technical skill in that column. Any skill not at the Mastery level will keep the student from moving to the next level.

Here at Encore Jr./Sr. High School we provide maximum opportunities for learning and growth as a musician and as an individual. We emphasize the importance of outstanding musicianship and strive to meet high standards. Both instrumental and vocal ensembles are committed to achieving excellence in a variety of aspects. Our students recognize the value of hard work and strive to meet their potential. Every student displays an attitude of commitment to the ensemble and to the music. Our members continually exercise dedication and discipline to achieve the highest quality of both instrumental and vocal music.

  • MUSIC –   In the music conservatory, students are able to explore two separate genres of music- instrumental or vocal. Experienced musicians have the opportunity to excel their craft as both a soloist and as part of an ensemble. Beginners learn how to play acoustic guitar, piano, and the basics of singing. Instrumental musicians are able to choose their classes for jazz, orchestra, or rock band genres. Singers learn the differences between solo, theatre, and choir vocals.

Whether you enter Encore knowing you want to be in the music conservatory or not, we hope to help you find the correct path.The music program here contains both instrumental and choral ensembles. All courses and additional information are listed below under course description.

Encore will teach students how to produce a quality performance while imparting the skills that would make a collegiate music education attainable. Not only will we be rehearsing high quality music literature but we will explore music theory, learn aural skills, and learn about the people composers that wrote the music we’re playing! All students will become literate in reading music and will come to appreciate the art of playing their instrument and its intricacies. It will truly be an amazing year of musical growth.

We hope that you are excited about your educational career here at Encore Jr/Sr High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. Please feel free to contact any of the directors if you have any inquiries about the music program. Wherever you go, we wish you nothing but success. We hope to see you here in one of Encore’s music ensembles for the 2015-2016 year!

** Some classes not available on some campuses

Conservatory Requirements

Music Arts Certification Requirements:

The Music Arts Certification requirements are divided into two portions:

  1. Conservatory Requirements– All students seeking the MAC must fulfill these requirements.
  1. Emphasis Requirements– Students will declare their emphasis: Band, Orchestra, Vocal, Piano,
    or  Guitar. Each Music Conservatory student must fulfill the emphasis requirements in addition
    to the Music Conservatory Requirements.

Conservatory Requirements

  1. Units- 70 semester credits completed in music courses of which 40 are in the declared emphasis.
  2. Theory-10 semester credits of Music Theory.
  3. Juries-Music Conservatory students will complete a
    performance jury adjudicated by Encore’s music faculty:
  • One during the junior year and one during the senior year.
  • The Jury will consist of prepared pieces of solo literature, scale tests, and sight reading.
  1. Recital- Students who pass the music jury will perform in a Spring Recital.
  2. Lesson- Students must complete four hours of private
    lessons each year they attend Encore in their emphasis sought outside of school.
  3. Performance- Students must attend and participate in all required performances and festivals.
  1. Emphasis Requirements: Must have at least 40 semester credits in their chosen emphasis.


  • 20 semester credits in Symphonic Winds
  • 2 performances in a small, non-conducted ensemble (trio, quartet, quintet, etc.)
  • Chromatic scale demonstrating the full range of the instrument
  • All major scales- 2 octaves (see Orchestra/Band Appendix next page)


  • 20 semester credits in Chamber Orchestra
  • 2 performances in a small, non-conducted ensemble (trio, quartet, quintet, etc.)
  • All major scales- 2 octaves (see Orchestra/Band Appendix next page)


  • 20 semester credits in the Soloist class
  • 30 semester credits in an advanced-level vocal ensemble
  • 10 semester credits must be taken in another performing arts conservatory.


  • 40 semester credits completed in a combination of Piano III and Piano IV
  • All major and minor scales- 4 octaves
  • Piano students must accompany one instrumental or
    vocal soloist during the Junior or Senior year


  • 40 semester credits in Guitar class
  • See Guitar Emphasis Appendix next page

Charles Stewert – Hesperia

Danielle Pahmeier – Riverside

Ms. Natalie Buresch Hesperia
Natalie Buresch has been a part of the Encore family since the fall of 2014.  Ms. Buresch is the director of the strings department and also teaches music theory.  She received her bachelors degree from Baylor University and her first masters in Music Composition from California State University, Northridge.  Her second masters will be from University of Redlands in Education.  Ms. Buresch loves working with her students and teaching at Encore!  “Everyday is a new opportunity to be better than yesterday!”

Danielle Pahmeier – Riverside

Paul Keilbach, Choral Music – Hesperia
Paul Keilbach is a music educator with a background in choral music. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Music Education at California State University, Fullerton with an emphasis in choral conducting. In addition to working for several years as a church soloist, Mr. Keilbach also has experience directing both adult and youth handbell choirs. Mr. Keilbach is passionate about teaching music literacy and he thoroughly enjoys directing all of the choral ensembles at Encore.

Bob Hekel – Hesperia and Riverside

Ms. Hyocheong Kim, Piano – Riverside
Hyocheong Kim received her early musical training at the Sunwha arts high school and her BA degree in piano performance at Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea. She also holds a Master of Music from Boston University and Doctor of Musical Arts from University of Southern California where she studied piano performance as a major and music history, music education and electro-acoustic media as minors. Ms. Kim maintains an active membership in the Orange County North Branch of MTAC and serves as SCJBF branch chair. She has taught music classes at New California Conservatory and has over 20 years of private teaching experience. She is also an accompanist at the Living water mission church in Cerritos and currently serves on the faculty at Encore Junior & Senior High School for the performing & visual arts in Riverside.

Grace Choi – Hesperia

Mr. Joseph Daughenbaugh – Hesperia
Guitar and Rhythm Combo Instructor Mr. Joseph Daughenbaugh studied Classical Guitar under Professor Stuart Green at California State University San Bernardino where he earned a B.A. in Music Performance & Music Technology.  He has acted as Musical Director for ACTS Church in San Jacinto, CA since 2008.  Mr. Daughenbaugh has over 15 years of stage and studio experience, including work for Live Nation and the Grammy certificated recording studio World Class Audio.

Vasil Chekardzhikov – Riverside


Course Title: Guitar 1

This course will continue the study of the guitar, moving into upper positions, and more complex music. More keys will be explored, as well as moveable-barré chords, the circle of fifths.  The curriculum will include both flat picking technique and basic classical finger style technique.

This course is designed to develop skills and knowledge that will enhance one’s understanding and enjoyment of music. It is for students who wish to learn to play a band instrument and to become a part of the award-winning Encore Band Program. Instruction in flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, saxophone, trumpet, horn, trombone, euphonium, tuba, and percussion (drums, mallets, auxiliary) is offered. A reasonable amount of practice is required of all students.

This is a one-year course designed for students who have not played guitar, but are willing and dedicated to learning. The course will cover fundamentals of guitar playing and note reading on guitar using standard notation. The class will focus on playing first position, major, minor and dominant seventh chords in first position. Both flat picking technique and beginning classical finger style technique will be introduced, and students will become familiar with different playing musical styles, including basic blues. In the second semester, the class will begin studying upper positions.

Course Title: Guitar 2

Pre- Requisite: Guitar 1 class or prior experience playing and reading music on guitar, with a thorough knowledge of the notes in first position. Instructor’s permission needed for entrance.

Course Title: Guitar 3

Pre-Requisite: Intermediate Guitar Class (Level 2), or have substantially covered the same course work in private study, with a thorough knowledge of the notes in first and fifth position. Instructor’s permission needed for entrance.

The Guitar Class 3 is a one-year course designed for students who have complete the In the Guitar Class 3, students will learn significantly more complex pieces, from first to twelfth position, leading towards college level material, in a wide-variety of styles. Areas covered will include advanced chord playing and harmony, use of scales and modes in improvisation, ear training, solo guitar and ensemble pieces.