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In the theatre conservatory, students are able to explore the art of dramatic and musical theatre. With musicals being one of the only “American Made” art forms, students are taught the history as well as the art form. Using both dialog and music for expression, musical theater helps students become more confident onstage. Dramatic theatre incorporates contemporary with historical works. Students explore different types of dramatic theatre and work into scriptwriting.

PREMASTER THEATRE ARTIST – A Premaster theatre artist is enrolled in, assessed, and has taken courses at Level 4 at Encore for a minimum of 1 year. A Premaster would be the equivalent of a level 5 theatre artist and must be at least grade 10. As a Pre-master theatre artist, students are required to TA in a Level 2 or lower class in theatre arts and will be given a semester project to complete involving production and class lesson plans. Usually a Premaster will be responsi-ble for creating a class piece for the theatre class they TA in.

MASTER THEATRE ARTIST – A Master theatre artist is enrolled in, assessed, has taken courses at Level 4 at Encore for a minimum of 2 years, and has completed the Premaster theatre artist program from Encore. A Master would be the equivalent of a level 6 theatre artist and must be at least grade 10. As a Master theatre artist, students are required to TA in a Level 3 or lower class in theatre and will have juried assessments and a semester project involving produc-tion, and direction. Master theatre artists are responsible for creating a professional portfolio and web site for the promotion of their personal theatre artist career. PERFORMANCE / TECHNICAL


  • All theatre artists should join the International Thespian Society and compete in festival every year (fee applies).
  • All theatre artists should journal every day.
  • All theatre artists should take at least one vocal and one dance class.
Level I Level II Level III Level IV
Acting I Acting II* Acting III* Film Acting*
Costume Design I Costume Design II* Costume Design III* Costume Lab*
Dance Technique Scriptwriting Set Design Sound / Lighting
Film Stage Makeup Stage Tech Stage Management
Drama I Musical Theatre I Musical Theatre II* Musical Theatre III*
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Paula Gharib, Drama – Hesperia

Paula Gharib has been teaching for 25 years. She received her BFA in Theatre Arts (with a double emphasis in Acting and Dance). She holds a clear teaching credential in English.   Besides directing she has performed in many stage  productions.  Ms. Paula has found a special connection with the Jr. High Drama students here at Encore. She loves working with them and watching them grow as young adults.  Ms. Paula is also one of Encore’s founders.

Sandi Del Sole, Costume Design – Hesperia
Costume Design teacher, Sandi Del Sole, thrives on the constant fast paced world of the theater and the many challenges of helping high school students to create beautiful moving works of art for our stage productions.  She completed her Associates of Science degree in Early Childhood Education at Victor Valley College and continued to pursue her love of teaching at California State University, San Bernardino where she earned her Career Technical Education Teaching Credential in Fashion and Interior Design.  Sandi has been sewing since she was a small child, has taught in various capacities for over 15 years and has worked with costume design and production for over 11 years.  Sandi is so excited that Encore has given her the unique opportunity to integrate her two main passions of teaching and costuming.

Aldora Thackeray, Screenwriting – Riverside and Hesperia
“I studied screenwriting at three separate institutions.  I used to read scripts for a production company aka, HBO, and LOVED it.  I’ve optioned two scripts to producers.  I have taught Screenwriting at Encore since January of 2009 and have been a Pirate since the Griffins received their keys to this property prior to the school’s opening on 08-08-08.”

Michael Nevarez, Acting- Hesperia
Has been involved in Theatre nearly his whole life. He began directing at age 15 and has since performed and directed for various theatre outreach and youth theatre organizations. He has been working with Jr and Sr High School Theatre around Southern California with some of the most prominent and award winning troupes for five years, started his own local Theatre production company in 2013, and has worked on several film and YouTube projects as a writer, actor, and director. He is thrilled to be a member of the incredible Encore team and Theatre department!  Mr. Nevarez is focused on developing Junior High actors and using his professional and drama competition background to help the Junior High Actors of Encore soar.

Camryn Zelinger – Drama – Riverside