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Encore’s EPIC Event kicks off at 4 pm on Saturday, October 22!  Join us for this AMAZING NIGHT of Food, Entertainment, Amusements and FUN for the whole family! CARNIVAL kicks off the Fall with special performances all night long, game booths, great food, prizes and even bounce houses! Don’t miss the biggest Fall event in the High Desert as we light up the night with Pirate Spirit!  A few thousand people are expected so get here early! Admission is only $1 for adult guests and free for kids 5 and under. Friends and Family of both Encore campuses are WELCOME! See you HERE! WHERE: Encore High School Campus-16955 Lemon St. Hesperia, CA.

***CARNIVAL 2016 Performance Times and Locations***

Performances are listed by period blocks.
Please plan on viewing the entire 45 minute block as the numbers may be in a different order than listed here.

  • Period 14:00pm-4:45pm
  • Period 24:45pm-5:30pm
  • Period 35:30pm-6:15pm
  • Period 46:15pm-7:00pm
  • Period 67:00pm-7:45pm
  • Period 77:45pm-8:30pm
  • Period 88:30pm-9:15pm
  • Period 99:15pm-10:00pm

Outside Main Stage

  • Tumbling/PatrickCircus Arts I/WindiCircus Arts I/TylerBallet 1/AlBallet Lyr 4/LexiHip Hop/TaylorDance Tech/TashaDance Tech/Aaron
  • Dance Technique/KelseyDance Technique/TashaAdv Pointe/LexiCircus Arts 1/TylerJazz&Tap3/MichaelJazz&Lyrical1/AaronTumbling 2/PatrickGround Arts 3/WindiJazz&Tap2/CassieBallet 1/Al
  • Tumbling 3/PatrickCircus 2/WindiDance Tech/TashaBallet 1/AlDance Tech/KelseyBallet 1/LexiCircus Arts 1/TylerJazz&Tap2/MichaelJazz&Lyrical 1/Aaron
  • Ballet&Lyrical 3/LexiCircus Arts 1/TylerJazz&Tap 2/MichaelDance Technique/AaronTumbling 2/PatrickDance Technique/TashaJazz&Tap 2/CassieMen’s Ballet/Al
  • Tumbling 1/PatrickDance Tech/TashaJazz&Lyrical 1/AlPrePointe/LexiTumbling 2/TylerBallroom/VasilBallet 1/MichaelBallet 1/Aaron
  • Ballet&Lyrical 2/LexiTumbling 1/TylerDance Tech/VasilBallet 1/MichaelBallet 1/AaronDance Tech/TashaBallet 1/KelliCircus 1/KevinJazz&Lyrical 1/Al
  • Dance Tech/TashaBallet&Lyrical 2/KelliJazz&Lyrical 1/CassieMen’s Dance/AlChoreo 1/lexiCircus 3/KevinCircus 2//TylerGround Arts/WindiDance Tech/VasilMen’s Ballet/MichaelBallet 1/Aaron
  • Ballet&Lyrical 2/LexiTumbling 1/TylerDance Tech/VasilBallet 1/MichaelBallet 1/AaronDance Tech/TashaBallet&Lyrical 2/Kellijazz&Lyrical 1/CassieCircus 1/KevinHip Hop/Al

Big Top

  • Jazz Band 2/VerrettString Orch/StewartBeg Band/Pahmeier
  • Rhythm Combo/PahmeierJazz Ensemble/VerrettSymphony Orch/Stewart
  • Beg Strings/StewartBeg Strings/Pahmeier
  • Rhythm Combo/Daughenbaugh
  • Beg Band/VerrettChamber Orch/StewartSym. Orch/Pahmeier
  • Concert Band/Stewart
  • Drumline/VerrettConcert Band/Phmeier
  • String Orch/VerrettSymphonic Winds/Verrett

Lounge F29

  • Piano 1/ChoiPiano 2/KimGuitar 2/Vasil
  • Piano 1/KimGuitar 1/VasilGuitar 2/Daughenbaugh
  • Piano 1/ChoiGuitar 2/DaughenbaughPiano 1/KimGuitar 1/Vasil
  • Piano 1/KimGuitar 2/VasilPiano 3-4/Choi
  • Piano 1/ChoiGuitar 1/DaughenbaughPiano 2/Kim
  • Piano 2/ChoiGuitar 1/Daughenbaugh
  • Piano 2/ChoiGuitar 1/DaughenbaughPiano 3/Kim
  • Piano 2/ChoiGuitar 3/Daughenbaugh

Room B15

  • Acting 2/NevarezActing 3/Zelinger
  • Acting 2/HartsfieldDrama 1/PaulaMusical Theatre/ZelingerFilm Acting/Nevarez
  • Drama 1/PaulaMusical Theatre/ZelingerActing 1/Hartsfield
  • Acting 3/ZelingerActing 1/Barton
  • Acting 3/NevarezMusical Theatre/BartonMusical Theatre/ZelingerActing 1/Hartsfield
  • Acting 2/ZelingerActing 1/HartsfieldActing 2/NevarezMusical Theatre/Barton
  • Acting 1/BartonMu. Theatre 2/ZelingerDrama 1/Hartsfield
  • Acting 2/ZelingerDrama 1/HartsfieldActing 1/Barton

Room D17

  • Jr. Choir 1/BunkerHS Choir 1/Hekel
  • Women’s Choir/Bunker
  • Concert Choir/BunkerJr. Choir/Hekel
  • Madrigals/BunkerMadrigals/Hekel
  • Show Choir/Bunker
  • HS Choir 1/BunkerConcert Choir/Hekel
  • Men’s Choir/BunkerShow Choir/Hekel
  • Jr. Choir 2/BunkerJr. Choir 2/Hekel

Basketball Courts

  • Voice Tech 2/HekelVoice Tech/Stewart
  • Prof Vocalist/Stewart
  • Voice Tech 2/Stewart
  • Voice Tech 3/Stewart
  • Pirate Radio and Vocal Technique

9:00pm Moves Like Fosse – Kelsey and Garreth