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On Friday, all conservatory students will be meeting at the Hesperia campus to share their passion for their art. The students will be preparing for one of the biggest performance days of the year. Riverside students will be traveling by bus to Hesperia and will be returning to Riverside at 5:00 pm. Hesperia conservatory students will complete their rehearsal day at 3:30 pm. BUS ROUTES FOR BOTH CAMPUSES will be running at normal minimum day times. If your conservatory student normally rides the bus, they will need to be picked up from Conservatory day.

HESPERIA – All students will report to their first period class at 7:25 am for attendance.

RIVERSIDE – All students should report to the High School Building parking lot for attendance at 7:25 am.

Students traveling to Hesperia for Conservatory Day can purchase lunch from Hesperia by paying $2.75 to Miss Hollie on the third floor offices by Thursday. If you do not wish to purchase a lunch, you should bring a bag lunch.
Students that are part of the applied arts conservatory will stay on their home campus for the day. They will be released at the normal minimum day time of 1:20 pm. Bus service will run for both campuses at this time. Applied Arts students will attend sessions over the course of the day.
1. The business dissection of the movie “World’s Away” by Cirque du Soleil.
2. How to apply for your first job and how to fill out a job application.
3. Riverside – Assignment related to the Metropolitan Museum / Hesperia – Art project involving poster art
4. Riverside – Assignment related to the Riverside Arts Museum / Hesperia – The elements of a theatrical skit

Each visual arts teacher will work with their students to create their art space in the art gallery for the Carnival exhibition. Then, the entire visual arts conservatory is going to work together to create an outdoor installation art project with the theme of “Fall.” They will work on individual and group projects over the course of the day for their outdoor artwork that will be on display during Carnival.
(Cirque, Dance, Instrumental and Vocal Music, and Theatre)
Our performing arts students will start with a mixer to share their passion with artists from their sister school. Then they will work on their day of performance with a technical / share rehearsal time. Since the students are so busy, this will give them an opportunity to see what the other people in their conservatory are performing at Carnival. They will have an opportunity to work with the technical aspect of their performance and see the venue, whether formal or informal space, to be able to prepare for the performances at Carnival.
In November, Conservatory Day will take place in Riverside for the students to prepare for Festival. The Hesperia students will travel to Riverside for the November Conservatory Day
Encore is planning some amazing trips for Conservatory during this school year. We are currently working on some of these exciting excursions to help enhance the arts training at Encore.
1. Riley’s Farm Civil War Reenactment
2. Professional Ballet Companies
3. Los Angeles Museum
4. Master Classes with Professionals
5. Cirque du Soleil’s “Toruk”
6. School Day at the Renaissance Festival
Nothing has been confirmed yet, but these types of excursions will help our conservatories see their art in action. Stay tuned!