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Parent Involvement

In addition to serving on the Oversight Council and Board of Directors, parents will be encouraged to participate in a minimum of eight (8) hours each semester. Parents will be invited to sit on committees within specific areas of the campus to help organize and/or fundraise for each of these areas of the campus. No student will be excluded from Encore or school activities due to the failure of his or her parent or legal guardian to fulfill the encouraged number of parent/guardian volunteer hours.

All parents and parent committee group calendars are organized by the help of a paid employee. These committees work together with the Associated Student Body in different activities and events throughout the year.

Student Involvement

An on-campus Associated Student Body (ASB) will be established at the school site to involve students in the planning of student fundraisers, special events / activities, and help build campus culture. There will be an ASB President, ASB Vice President, ASB Secretary, and ASB Treasurer. There will also be class presidents, vice presidents, secretaries, and treasurers. The ASB shall meet within a regular class period to plan events at Encore and works to keep the faculty updated on their plans. The ASB shall be guided by the Assistant Dean of Students for Activities. Student government positions are chosen via election, interview, and/or appointment. Government positions are reassigned every year.