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Hesperia Campus

Encore High School for the Arts – Hesperia is the first high school that was opened by Encore Education Corporation in 2008. This campus is situated off of Lemon and C Avenue, central to the high desert. It houses one of the largest cirque acrobatics student programs in the country, one of the largest men’s dance student programs in the state, and is proud to be known world wide for productions created.

The Hesperia campus includes over 100,000 square feet of classroom and arts studio space. Housing the student body of 1,200, Hesperia appropriately prepares students for college and university as well as the professional opportunities that happen after high school.

The first graduating class of Encore was in 2009, when 17 students ventured into the world. Today, that class’ valedictorian holds a Bachelor’s degree in business and works in the finance world. She also plays guitar in a rock band and continues to hone in on her passion for music. Encore’s first ASB president has taught music to thousands of students in fifteen countries worldwide including Capetown, South Africa. Alumni are attending universities worldwide. Eighty percent of Encore’s graduates move to a postsecondary college or university directly out of high school with forty percent of them receiving some kind of scholarship to attend these institutions.

Since the first class of 2009, Encore – Hesperia has had over three million dollars in scholarships awarded to their graduates with graduates living and working literally worldwide. From being a Laker girl, a recording artist, a stuntman for major motion pictures, Pre Med, law student, and everything in between – students that complete Encore’s six year program are reaching for the stars…. and surpassing them.

Enrollment for the following school year begins in October. It is recommended that sixth grade students wishing to attend in the high desert attend an interest meeting in October to make sure that they have a spot. Encore enrolls about 250 seventh grade students in Hesperia each year.

Dean of Students
Mr. Tom Steed

Mr. Steed spent 30 years in the entertainment business as a professional musician. He decided to end his working career by giving back to the community as an educator. Mr. Steed earned his degree in Liberal Arts from Cal State San Bernardino, and then received his teaching credential from The University of Redlands. Mr. Steed taught 6th grade in elementary school, then came to Encore as a 8th grade Language Arts teacher. After six and a half years as an English teacher at Encore, Mr. Steed made the jump to administration as the Assistant Dean of Students. After one year as Interim Dean of Students, Mr. Steed now holds the position of Dean of Students at Encore Hesperia.

Assistant Dean of Students for Discipline
Mr. John Van Horn

Assistant Dean of Students for Activities
Mrs. Tracy Dekany

Counseling Administrator (Grades 7 and 8)
Esther Haskins

As a school counselor, Mrs. Haskins has worked with jr. high and high school students and their families, providing academic, social and personal support, as well as guidance for college and career planning. It is her delight to meet her students, get to know them and assist them in becoming the best people they can be. While completing her Bachelor Degree in Psychology at the University of California, Irvine, she discovered her love of working with youth and the need for educational advocates in the school system. As a result, she pursued her Masters in Educational Counseling and Pupil Personnel Services Credential from Azusa Pacific University.