Crystal Soriano Scores $17,000 Scholarship to UCLA

Crystal Soriano recently scored a $17,000 scholarship to the University of California Los Angeles where she will be majoring in Microbiology Immunology and Molecular Studies! She also admits to a minor in Chicano Studies. Crystal is happy for the time she has spent at Encore, recalling her favorite moment which was this year’s senior camping trip. Crystal believes that she truly got closer to her peers because of the trip and as a result, will have memories, lasting a lifetime! When asked if she had one teacher that really had an impact on her, she responded by saying “All of them!” Crystal went on, stating that her teachers offered multiple views and angles for her to learn from. She is very grateful for every single teacher she has had at Encore the past 5 years! After UCLA, Crystal wants to further her education by attending UCLA Med School where she can become a Primary Care Physician and open up her own practice one day!

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