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High achieving students are identified by their CAASPP assessment scores, their course performance (A), and teacher observation.

Students will be placed in honors classes with other students that are at the same academic level based on placement exams during the beginning of each school year and by ongoing review of the teachers. Students that display accelerated standards will have the opportunity to work in honors classes that teach the same general curriculum, but with more critical and creative thinking involved. “Academically high” should not translate into more work, but more thinking. Students may be encouraged to consider concurrent enrollment in college classes. Completed college classes may be awarded credit towards high school graduation requirements.

Response to the needs of high achieving students may include:

Advanced Projects

  • Innovative scheduling to allow for mentoring that leads to learning extensions;
  • Individual and small group attention that focuses on extending the current learning;
  • Provide extensive college counseling to ensure that all students are fully informed of costs, aid, and support services provided by the college;
  • Provide study skills and learning strategies for college courses;
  • Provide personal coaching in choosing a major;
  • Encourage career internships.