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Executive Team

Encore Education Corporation has created an executive team that oversees the implementation of the successful education programs.

Mrs. Denise Griffin, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Mrs. Griffin is lead founding member of Encore Education Corporation.  She holds an MBA and has been with Encore Education Corporation since 2007.  The initial licensing petition for Encore was originally written by Denise.  Her background includes extensive corporate management and performing artist booking management.  Beginning as a dancer and artist in her school years, then growing into a writer and director – Mrs. Griffin has been the creator of some of the most successful “Rock ‘n’ Roll circuses” produced by Encore productions.  Under the business leadership of Mrs. Griffin, Encore Education Corporation has grown to educate 2,000 students per year.  Her emphasis is policy and finance.

Mr. John Griffin, Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Mr. Griffin is a founding member of Encore Education Corporation.  He holds a BBA and has been in the education world for seventeen years.  His background include extensive operations management experience and two decades of professional entertainment experience as a singer.  Mr. Griffin oversees the operations and management of all Deans and Assistant Deans on campuses and overall logistics throughout the organization.  Under the leadership of Mr. Griffin, Encore Education Corporation has been able to build a reputation for being safe campuses.

Mr. Steve Dekany, Executive Officer of Enrollment

Mr. Dekany has been with Encore Education Corporation for over six years. He holds a BA and has been the driving force for admissions and enrollment within the Encore organization.  His background is based on major corporate marketing with a minor emphasis on education program development in the Inland Empire. Steve has helped develop and implement the successful enrollment and admissions process for Encore Education Corporation.  He also created Encore’s Pirate Radio.

Mrs. Pamela Zabala, Executive Director of Academics

Mrs. Zabala has been with Encore Education Corporation since 2008.  She has nineteen years in education and a business background as a Biologist. Pam has played an important role in establishing academic philosophies and professional development for teachers.  She is also the organizer for the new teacher program that helps our teachers clear their credentials (formerly BTSA).  Mrs. Zabala also implements state testing and oversees benchmark testing.

Mr. David Anthony, Executive Director of Arts

Mr. Anthony has been an Arts Educator in California for over a decade.  As a teacher and alumni of Orange County High School for the Arts (OCSA), adjunct faculty at Saddleback College and adjunct faculty at the Young Americans College of Performing Arts, David has an extensive background in music and performance.  New to Encore in the spring of 2015, Mr. Anthony has worked to develop a strong program of consistency within curricula to rival the rigorous courses of academics.  As a pianist, vocalist, and composer – Mr. Anthony is a strong addition to the Encore team.