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Both Hesperia and Riverside campuses are considered commuter campuses.  This means that 90% plus of our student population has to find transportation to get to our campus.  Encore understands the commitment needed to create a transportation plan for students before they drive.  There are limited options when it comes to transportation. 

    A.  Parents can drive their students to campus while recognizing and following all drop-off and pick-up procedures outlined in the student handbook.  B. Students can ride their bikes to school.  In Hesperia, there is a bike rack to lock student bikes located behind the A building on campus.  In Riverside, there is a bike rack to lock student bikes located at the High School Building on Orange Street. C. Students that possess a valid driver’s license can drive themselves to school.  In Hesperia, purchase of a parking permit is required starting in the fall of 2017.  In Riverside, standard daily parking rates apply.  There is limited free parking on Orange Avenue, but you can visit the parking authority on the corner of University and Market to get full details about parking downtown.
    There is a parent bulletin board posted in the main office of each campus (Riverside is on the 3rd-floor office and Hesperia is in the G Building Administrative Office) Encore DOES NOT organize carpools for parents, but does give parents a place to share information to try to find a viable carpool.
    Riverside – the Metrolink and the Bus Station are within walking distance to downtown Riverside where the campus is located.
    Hesperia – We have students that walk from the bus stop on I Avenue.  It is about a 20-minute walk.
    Encore offers busing for students at a semester charge.  The cost for students to ride the bus is $200 per semester. Families wishing to have their students ride the bus must reserve their space by paying for a seat using our online service, SEAT YOURSELF. Families can also pay in person on both campuses.  In Hesperia, bus payments are taken in F20 (student services counter).  In Riverside, bus payments are taken on the third floor of 3666 University Avenue.  There is limited space available on the bus program. Students are given space on a first come, first served basis. There is no guarantee that any student will be able to ride the bus. Encore does their best to accommodate all students, but in the event that the bus availability fills up, a waitlist for bus space will be created.  The bus service is costly for Encore.  We are sorry, but no refunds for bus service will be issues.  Students misbehaving on the bus will be removed from this elective service without refund.









Student Medication Policies & Procedures

The following information relates to the administration of medication at Encore High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in accordance with the California Education Code (Section 49423).

Medical treatment is the responsibility of the parent and the physician; medications are rarely given at school. The only exceptions involve special or serious problems where it is deemed absolutely necessary to give the medication during school hours, and where it is not possible for the parent to administer it to the student. Consequently, the parent is urged with the help of the physician, to work out a schedule of giving medication outside of school hours.

In order for the Health Office staff to administer medication (prescription or over-the-counter) to a student; specific orders must be written and signed by the student’s physician on the “Physician Instruction/Parent Request for Medication” forms which are available to print below.

Any time the medication, the dosage or the time is changed, a new form is required. Each request must clearly specify the name of the medication, the reason for the medication as well the dose, time and frequency for administration. Medication forms must be updated every new school year.

It is the parent’s responsibility to take these forms to the child’s physician to fill out and return them with the medication to the Health Office during normal business hours.

All student’s using an asthma inhaler on campus must have these forms filled out as well.

Illness, injury or Accidents at School

When a student feels ill at school they need to inform the teacher and ask for a pass to the Health Office. Students feeling weak or faint will be accompanied to the office. If a student requires longer than a 15 min. rest, a parent will be contacted and asked to pick up the child so proper care and attention can be given at home. Parents, or their assigned contacts, must be available to pick a child up within 30 minutes of a call from the school. Current information including phone numbers must be updated every year on the “Emergency Card” form which is available to print below.

Every effort is made to provide for the student’s safety and comfort at school. If a student is actively vomiting or has a fever greater than 100.4, the student is not permitted to stay at school. A parent or their contact will need to pick up the student within 30 minutes of the call. If a fever goes over 102.0 and the parent or contact is unavailable, 911 will be called. Our school policy is that the student will need to be “fever free” for 24 hours without fever reducing medication to return to school.

If a student should have an accident or injury at school, first aid will be given immediately to make the student as comfortable as possible. If an injury is more serious than a simple bruise or scrape, a parent will be called. If parents are unavailable the Health Technician or school administrator may make the judgment to call paramedics to evaluate the emergency and render treatment. Encore High School is not liable for any medical treatment costs incurred on or off school property.

Following any illness or injury which prevents the student to come to school and/or participate in regular physical activity for more than 2 days , a note must be obtained from the physician to clear the absence and/or re-instate physical activity. Specifically for injuries, the note must be clearly dated to when the student may participate physically in their classes and/or upcoming performances, games or competitions.

The use of wheelchairs, crutches or ace wraps must be prescribed by a physician. Knee and ankle braces do not need a doctors order and may be used as needed due to muscle strain.

Illness, injury or Accidents at School

Seasonal flus generally begin to surface in the schools late October – November.

It is important for students to have good hygiene practices to prevent the spread and/or contact of the flu. Students are encouraged to wash their hands with soap & water before meals, as well as use hand sanitizer and tissues during school. If a student becomes ill at school, their symptoms will be evaluated in the Health Office. If fever or persistent cough are present, they will be sent home. For updated information regarding the flu please visit the government website.

Sports Physicals

At Encore High School we believe in student health for an Encore performance! Dance & Sports Conservatories can require long hours of practice. It is important to discuss proper nutrition & fluid intake with your child.

Annual physicals (sports or regular) are important because they help discover health problems that may interfere with participation in sports or daily life. Your health care provider will be able to provide consult on how to handle specific medical issues like asthma attacks or healing of broken bones. They can also provide tips on how to avoid injuries or identify specific risk factors relevant to your child’s sport.

Sport’s Physicals are required to participate in all Dance & Sport Conservatories except for general PE. The “Participation for Sports Exam” form is available to print below.

They are also included in our enrollment packs for new students and in the Health Office. Be sure to also print the medication forms to take to your appointment. If for any reason the doctor prescribes medications to be taken during school hours, including asthma inhalers, you will have the proper forms to turn in.


Encore Jr./Sr. High School for the performing & visual arts
16955 Lemon Street
Hesperia, CA 92346

Dean of Students, Academics & Operations
Tom Steed

Dean of Student Services, RtI / EL / SST
Tony Castro

Assistant Dean of Students, Discipline / Safety
John Van Horn

Assistant Dean of Students, Activities
Tracy Dekany

Debbie Garrett
Clear absences 760-956-2632

Mari Miller
Fax for Records Requests 760-956-3338

Teri Roseborough

EHS Hesperia School Board

President – Dino Brown – term ends 2017

Vice President – Ian Lasky – term ends 2017

Board Member – Suzanne Cherry – term ends 2018

Board Member – Connie Gabler – term ends 2018

Board Member – Kathy Nielsen – term ends 2017


Encore High School for the Arts – Riverside
3800 Main Street, 3rd floor
Riverside, CA 92501

Dean of Students, Operations & Student Safety
Don Miskulin

Dean of Student Services, RtI / EL / SST
Tony Castro

Assistant Dean of Students, Academics / Teachers
Jessica Meyer

Activities Director
Justin Barkdull


Shelly Bernal

Colette Adams


Encore Education Corporation
16955 Lemon Street, #A
Hesperia, CA 92345

Denise Griffin

Johnny Griffin

Executive Officer Enrollment / Marketing
Steve Dekany

Executive Director, Academics / Professional Development / Testing
Pam Zabala

Executive Director, Community Outreach
Stephen Nutter

Executive Manager, Human Resources
Ashlin Barkdull

Executive Manager, SPED
Brenda Congo

Executive Manager, Digital Media
Kevin Stone

Executive Manager, Facilites
Joe Griffin

Executive Manager, Risk Management / Maintenance
Curtis Peterson

Executive Support, Creative Director / Special Events
Johnna Rae

Dean of Student Services, RtI / EL / SST
Tony Castro


Encore Education Corporation – Oversees and operates all schools. Encore Education Corporation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation. Encore Education Corporation has one Board of Directors that is made up of directors in accordance with the bylaws.


Encore is operated by three Executive Officers.

Chief Executive Officer, Mrs. Denise Griffin –
Denise Griffin is a long time business manager with decades of professional experience in the performance arts world.  She is one of the founders of Encore Education Corporation and has been with Encore Education Corporation for ten years.  She holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration, a Private School Administration Certificate, and has an extensive background in business marketing.  On the arts side, Denise was a dancer / writer / director / artist / and a professional performer for a decade.  She also served as an entertainment booking agent for over ten years.  Griffin is responsible for finance, policies, procedures, and overall execution of the entire organization.  Contact

Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Johnny Griffin – 
Johnny Griffin is a long time business manager and credentialed teacher with decades of professional experience in the performance arts world.  He is one of the founders of Encore Education Corporation and has been with Encore since 2008.  He holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Management and a Career Technical Education Credential in Restaurant Occupations.  Griffin taught at Hesperia High School for ten years before Encore High School opened.  Artistically, Johnny was a singer in professional bands that were known throughout California.  He also has a background in stage makeup / film and television acting / stand up comedy / radio voice overs / and professional sound & lighting design.  Mr. Griffin is responsible for the daily operations on the sites, facilities, and safety within the organization.  Contact

Executive Officer of Enrollment / Marketing, Mr. Steve Dekany – 
Steve Dekany is a marketing guru with over three decades of experience within multi million, worldwide companies.  He has been with Encore Education Corporation for 8 years.  He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in marketing and has worked for the Riverside County Office of Education on special projects. Dekany has helped build branding and marketing strategies for well known companies like M&M Marrs, Black Angus, Freeman Companies, and Minelab.  Artistically, Dekany was a musician / drum major / radio personality / sound & lighting technician / professional emcee.  Dekany is responsible for all enrollment recruitment and student retention within the organization.  He speaks at new student interest meetings each week on both campuses. Contact


Encore Education Corporation’s Board of Directors meet quarterly in a public meeting.  Three meetings per year are held at the Encore Corporate Office in Riverside at 3666 University Avenue, 3rd floor.  The December quarterly meeting is held at the Encore Corporate Office in Hesperia at 16955 Lemon Street.  Public comment is open at all board meetings.  Agendas and minutes are posted within Brown Act compliance on this web site under the information tab for Board meeting minutes and agendas.  In the event that you have a grievance that cannot be handled by the Executive Officers, you can contact the Board of Directors.  The Board provides oversight on fiscal, procedural, employee, academic, and arts related topics.

The Board of Directors serve two year terms.  The current board terms are up for reappointment in 2017.  Current makeup of the Encore Board of Directors:

Board President – Lenny Esposito, Business Owner and resident of Riverside. Contact

Board Vice President – Michael Bentencourt, Teacher and resident of Chino. Contact

Board Member – Suzanne Cherry, Business Manager and resident of Apple Valley.  Parent of alumni and current student. Contact

Board Member – Kelly Ahmed, Medical Doctor and resident of Apple Valley. Parent of an alumni. Contact

Board Member – Jamal Nasserdeen, Business Executive and resident of Corona. Contact


In order to provide safety for all students and staff, Encore will adopt and implement full health and safety procedures and risk management policies at its school site in consultation with its insurance carriers and risk management experts. The Encore health and safety policy will be annually updated and reviewed, in consultation with staff and the specified sub-committee. This policy will be distributed to all staff and parents. A full draft will be provided to the District for review at least 30 days prior to operation.

The following is a summary of the health and safety policies of Encore:

Procedures for Background Checks
Employees and contractors of Encore will be required to submit to a criminal background check and to furnish a criminal record summary as required by Education Code Sections 44237 and 45125.1. New employees not possessing a valid California Teaching Credential must submit two sets of fingerprints to the California Department of Justice for the purpose of obtaining a criminal record summary. The Chief Operations Officer shall monitor compliance with this policy and report to the Encore Education Corporation Board of Directors on a regular basis. The Board President shall monitor the fingerprinting and background clearance of the Chief Operations Officer. Volunteers who will volunteer outside of the direct supervision of a credentialed employee shall be fingerprinted and receive background clearance prior to volunteering without the direct supervision of a credentialed employee.

Role of Staff as Mandated Child Abuse Reporters
All non-certificated and certificated staff will be mandated child abuse reporters and will follow all applicable reporting laws, the same policies and procedures used by the District.

Tuberculosis Testing
Faculty and staff will be tested for tuberculosis prior to commencing employment and working with students as required by Education Code Section 49406.

All enrolled students and staff will be required to provide records documenting immunizations as is required at public schools pursuant to Health and Safety Code Sections 120325-120375, and Title 17, California Code of Regulations Sections 6000-6075. All rising 7th grade students must be immunized with a pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine booster.

Medication in School
Encore will adhere to Education Code Section 49423 regarding administration of medication in school.

Vision, Hearing, and Scoliosis
Students will be screened for vision, hearing and scoliosis. Encore will adhere to Education Code Section 49450, et seq., as applicable to the grade levels served by Encore.

 Encore will provide an information sheet regarding type 2 diabetes to the parent or guardian of incoming 7th grade students, pursuant to Education Code Section 49452.7. The information sheet shall include, but shall not be limited to, all of the following:

  1. A description of type 2 diabetes.
  2. A description of the risk factors and warning signs associated with type 2 diabetes.
  3. A recommendation that students displaying or possibly suffering from risk factors or warning signs associated with type 2 diabetes should be screened for type 2 diabetes.
  4. A description of treatments and prevention of methods of type 2 diabetes.
  5. A description of the different types of diabetes screening tests available.

Emergency Preparedness
Encore shall adhere to an Emergency Preparedness Handbook drafted specifically to the needs of the school site in conjunction with law enforcement and the Fire Marshall. This handbook shall include, but not be limited to the following responses: fire, flood, earthquake, terrorist threats, and hostage situations. If assuming a facility that was previously used as a school site, any existing emergency preparedness plan for the school site shall be used as a starting basis for updating the handbook for Encore.

Blood borne Pathogens
Encore shall meet state and federal standards for dealing with blood borne pathogens and other potentially infectious materials in the work place. The Board shall establish a written infectious control plan designed to protect employees and students from possible infection due to contact with blood borne viruses, including human immunodeficiency virus (“HIV”) and hepatitis B virus (“HBV”).

Whenever exposed to blood or other bodily fluids through injury or accident, staff and students shall follow the latest medical protocol for disinfecting procedures.

Drug-, Alcohol-, and Smoke-Free Environment
Encore shall function as a drug-, alcohol-, and smoke-free workplace.

Comprehensive Discrimination and Harassment Policies and Procedures
Encore is committed to providing a school that is free from discrimination and sexual harassment, as well as any harassment based upon such factors as race, religion, creed, color, national origin, ancestry, age, medical condition, marital status, sexual orientation, or disability. Encore shall develop a comprehensive policy to prevent and immediately remediate any concerns about discrimination or harassment at Encore (including employee to employee, employee to student, and student to employee misconduct). Misconduct of this nature is very serious and will be addressed in accordance with Encore’s discrimination and harassment policies.

Facility Safety

Encore shall comply with Education Code Section 47610 by either utilizing facilities that are compliant with the Field Act or facilities that are compliant with the California Building Standards Code.  Encore agrees to test sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, and fire alarms annually at its facilities to ensure that they are maintained in an operable condition at all times.  Encore shall conduct fire drills as required under Education Code Section 32001.

Emergency Response

In the event of any campus emergency, the administration and faculty will execute emergency plans. The Dean of Students will be responsible for overseeing the execution of the emergency plans and communication between the School and emergency services.   If the Dean of Students is unavailable, the next member of Key Administration will assume the role of execution.   In the event of emergency where all parents need to be notified immediately, Encore will have an all call service on demand so all parents can be called right away. They will also use the all e-mail service. Parents with up to date information can be contacted within one hour of the emergency through both phone and e-mail support.

Lockdown Drills

Lockdown drills will be held at least once a semester. All staff will be alerted via intercom and mass text communication when a lockdown is in progress. Staff will be required to cover windows, turn off lights, and lock doors to their personal work area. Staff will be required to text the all clear notice to command central. While command central clears areas, Administration will check areas for compliance. Once all areas are secure, the release phrase will be given end the drill. Students will not be allowed in or out of buildings, areas, or classrooms once a location is secure.

In the event of an emergency, Administration will call 911 and follow specific directions from the authorities.

Fire Drills

Fire drills will be held at least once a semester. Office personnel will maintain a record of fire drills held and total required time for complete evacuation.   When the fire drill signal sounds, teachers will lead the students in their room along the route indicated on the evacuation map posted for that purpose. Before leaving the room, teachers will see that all windows and doors are closed and that they have their class attendance roster with them. Students who are not in a classroom at the time the fire drill signal is given will attach themselves to the nearest teacher exiting the building for purposes of getting to the designated evacuation site.

Once at the designated evacuation site, teachers and other staff will ensure that all students find their respective teachers. Teachers will then take roll to ensure that all students are accounted for. The names of any missing students will be given to the office personnel and the administrative staff will attempt to locate missing students. Students will remain with their teachers at the designated evacuation site until the administrative staff gives the “all clear” signal.

Disaster Drills (i.e. Earthquake)

Disaster drills will be conducted at least once per year.   Students will be made familiar with the “duck and cover” routine. A disaster drill commencing with the “Duck and Cover” routine will be initiated by an announcement. Staff and students will hear “This is an emergency drill. Duck and cover.” During the “Duck and cover” routine in the classroom, teachers will turn off the lights and have students get under a desk or table or against the wall away from the windows. Students must remain quiet and orderly so they will be able to hear additional instructions when given. All drills will be concluded with an “all clear” announcement, or a visible signal from the administrative staff.

In the event of a real earthquake, everyone must engage in the “duck and cover” routine immediately and remain in position until the teacher determines that it is safe to leave the building. If remaining in the room becomes dangerous, or when the shaking stops, teachers will proceed with their students to the evacuation site or another safety zone. If students are on an outdoor area when a disaster drill is called or during an actual earthquake, students are to drop immediately to the ground, away from trees and power lines, and cover their heads with their hands. They are to remain in that position until given additional instructions.

In the event of disasters other than earthquakes, the administrative staff will contact each room, advise staff of potential dangers, and give further directions or orders. Teachers and students will remain in their classrooms until instructions are received for an all clear or an evacuation. If there has been a chemical spill, the teacher must make sure that all doors, windows, and vents remain closed. The school site maintenance staff will turn off the gas. All unassigned staff will report to the office for assignment such as searching offices, bathrooms, and all other common areas, including outdoor facilities.

Teachers will stay with their classes for the duration of the emergency. In the event of an earthquake or other national disaster, all School employees are immediately designated “Civil Defense Workers” and are not allowed to leave School until they are given official clearance to do so by the administrative staff.

Bomb Threats

The person receiving the call or letter will document the time of day, wording of the message, background noises, and quality of the voice to try to determine if it is a young child or an adult. This person will delay the caller as long as possible, while they alert another adult to the crisis. That adult will immediately notify the telephone company to trace the call and immediately thereafter, notify the police using 911.

Based on the information at hand, the administrative staff will make a decision whether an immediate evacuation is warranted. If so, the evacuation code word “Safe school drill” will be given and evacuation procedures will be followed. The office personnel will coordinate information requests to and/or from law enforcement, the telephone company, and parents.

If an immediate evacuation is not warranted, the administrative staff will notify teachers to inspect their room for any suspicious materials or unknown packages, without alarming students. All unassigned staff will report to the office for assignments such as searching offices, bathrooms, and all other common areas, including outdoor facilities.

Evacuation Plan

A disaster of significant nature may require the evacuation of the School. Immediately upon notification by outside authorities that the School must be evacuated, the administrative staff will verify the name and position of the person placing the alert. Once the source is confirmed, the administrative staff will give the evacuation code word “safe school drill.” Teachers will proceed with their students to the nearest School exit. Before leaving the room, teachers will make sure that they have their class attendance roster with them. Students who are not in a classroom at the time the intercom signal is given will attach themselves to the nearest teacher exiting the building for purposes of getting to the designated evacuation site.

Prior to evacuation, offices, bathrooms, and all other common areas, (Including outdoor facilities) will be searched by unassigned staff members designated by the Dean.

Once at the designated evacuation site, teachers and other staff will ensure that all students find their respective teachers. Teachers will then take roll to ensure that all students are accounted for. The names of any missing students will be given to office personnel and an individual will be assigned the task of finding any missing students. Teachers will work together to take care of students with injuries, respiratory problems, or other medical conditions.

Students will remain with their teachers at the designated evacuation site until the administrative staff gives the “all clear” signal. In the event students cannot return to the school site, the administrative staff will notify parents and/or media as to where students can be picked up. The office personnel will sign out students as they are being picked up by a parent or other adult listed on the emergency information ca

First Aid, CPR, and Health Screening

Encore recognizes the importance of taking appropriate preventative remedial measure to minimize accidents or illness at school or during school-sponsored activities. To this end, Encore expects parents/guardians to provide emergency information and keep such information current in order to facilitate immediate contact with parents/guardians if an accident or illness occurs. Every classroom shall have a First Aid Kit containing appropriate supplies. First aid will be administered whenever necessary by trained staff members. When necessary, the appropriate emergency personnel will be called to assist. All staff are to be certified in adult and pediatric CPR and First Aid and be recertified prior to expiration of certificates. Opportunities for adult and pediatric CPR and First Aid training will be offered to all staff.