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Student Medication Policies & Procedures

The following information relates to the administration of medication at Encore High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in accordance with the California Education Code (Section 49423).

Medical treatment is the responsibility of the parent and the physician; medications are rarely given at school. The only exceptions involve special or serious problems where it is deemed absolutely necessary to give the medication during school hours, and where it is not possible for the parent to administer it to the student. Consequently, the parent is urged with the help of the physician, to work out a schedule of giving medication outside of school hours.

In order for the Health Office staff to administer medication (prescription or over-the-counter) to a student; specific orders must be written and signed by the student’s physician on the “Physician Instruction/Parent Request for Medication” forms which are available to print below.

Any time the medication, the dosage or the time is changed, a new form is required. Each request must clearly specify the name of the medication, the reason for the medication as well the dose, time and frequency for administration. Medication forms must be updated every new school year.

It is the parent’s responsibility to take these forms to the child’s physician to fill out and return them with the medication to the Health Office during normal business hours.

All student’s using an asthma inhaler on campus must have these forms filled out as well.

Illness, injury or Accidents at School

When a student feels ill at school they need to inform the teacher and ask for a pass to the Health Office. Students feeling weak or faint will be accompanied to the office. If a student requires longer than a 15 min. rest, a parent will be contacted and asked to pick up the child so proper care and attention can be given at home. Parents, or their assigned contacts, must be available to pick a child up within 30 minutes of a call from the school. Current information including phone numbers must be updated every year on the “Emergency Card” form which is available to print below.

Emergency card form

Every effort is made to provide for the student’s safety and comfort at school. If a student is actively vomiting or has a fever greater than 100.4, the student is not permitted to stay at school. A parent or their contact will need to pick up the student within 30 minutes of the call. If a fever goes over 102.0 and the parent or contact is unavailable, 911 will be called. Our school policy is that the student will need to be “fever free” for 24 hours without fever reducing medication to return to school.

If a student should have an accident or injury at school, first aid will be given immediately to make the student as comfortable as possible. If an injury is more serious than a simple bruise or scrape, a parent will be called. If parents are unavailable the Health Technician or school administrator may make the judgment to call paramedics to evaluate the emergency and render treatment. Encore High School is not liable for any medical treatment costs incurred on or off school property.

Following any illness or injury which prevents the student to come to school and/or participate in regular physical activity for more than 2 days , a note must be obtained from the physician to clear the absence and/or re-instate physical activity. Specifically for injuries, the note must be clearly dated to when the student may participate physically in their classes and/or upcoming performances, games or competitions.

The use of wheelchairs, crutches or ace wraps must be prescribed by a physician. Knee and ankle braces do not need a doctors order and may be used as needed due to muscle strain.

Illness, injury or Accidents at School

Seasonal flus generally begin to surface in the schools late October – November.

It is important for students to have good hygiene practices to prevent the spread and/or contact of the flu. Students are encouraged to wash their hands with soap & water before meals, as well as use hand sanitizer and tissues during school. If a student becomes ill at school, their symptoms will be evaluated in the Health Office. If fever or persistent cough are present, they will be sent home. For updated information regarding the flu please visit the government website.

Sports Physicals

At Encore High School we believe in student health for an Encore performance! Dance & Sports Conservatories can require long hours of practice. It is important to discuss proper nutrition & fluid intake with your child.

Annual physicals (sports or regular) are important because they help discover health problems that may interfere with participation in sports or daily life. Your health care provider will be able to provide consult on how to handle specific medical issues like asthma attacks or healing of broken bones. They can also provide tips on how to avoid injuries or identify specific risk factors relevant to your child’s sport.

Sport’s Physicals are required to participate in all Dance & Sport Conservatories except for general PE. The “Participation for Sports Exam” form is available to print below.

Participation for sports exam form

They are also included in our enrollment packs for new students and in the Health Office. Be sure to also print the medication forms to take to your appointment. If for any reason the doctor prescribes medications to be taken during school hours, including asthma inhalers, you will have the proper forms to turn in.

Students without medical insurance may get physicals from these participating Hesperia locations at low or no cost:

  • Desert Cities Chiropractic 760-952-3300 Cost $25.00
  • La Salle Medical Group 760-947-2161
  • Infinity Pediatrics 760-956-8700
  • Friendly Medical Center 760-949-7000