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Low achieving students may be identified by their CAASP assessment scores, their course performance (D or F), performance on basic skills tests, and teacher observation.

Encore follows a progressive multi-tier Response to Intervention (RtI) model in meeting the needs of low achieving students. Students that are identified as struggling by teachers and instructors will be given a variety of methods to help them progress dependent on how much help is designated as a need for each student. Supports may include:

1) Small class sizes

2)   Innovative scheduling to allow for additional individualized tutoring and mentoring;

3)   Individual and small group attention that focuses on mastering the current learning;

4)   Mastery learning process that builds in review and reassessment;

5)   Extended day to provide extra learning time;

6)   Optional extended courses; or after school tutoring

7)   Technology assisted learning through web-based programs
8)   Focus on key students during staff meetings
9)   Additional focused in class interventions, modifications and accommodations

  • Mentoring by the RtI coach
  • Student Success Team (SST) meetings

STUDY SKILLS, GRADE 7 – Encore has an elective class that all seventh grade students can enroll in that focuses on learning how to study and succeed in school. This class targets all students along with low achieving students to help them learn how to learn.

HEALTH & STUDY SKILLS, GRADE 8 – Encore has an elective class that all eighth grade students can enroll in that focuses on basic math skills during the first quarter, typing for one quarter, test taking for one quarter, then health for the rest of the year with a focus in helping low achieving math students fill in math gaps during the first quarter.

STUDY SKILLS, GRADES 9 – 12 – This is an elective class that is open to all students and may be required for students that struggle. This course provides block tutoring, access to additional resources such as the Khan Academy, and scheduled study skills curriculum to reinforce study habits with low performing students. This course also provides extra study hall time to help students complete tasks.

RESPONSE TO INTERVENTION – Encore employs an RtI coach that specifically targets students that are failing their academic courses. This coach meets with students regularly to reinforce study habits, check in on student progress, and provide motivation and support to the struggling student. The RtI coach also coordinates in class interventions, modifications, accommodations, SST meetings, and if required referrals to Special Education.