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Counselors are available on every site within the Encore organization.  Encore also has a school psychologist that works between campuses.  The counseling department at Encore is there to help with personal matters and to help prepare students for college.  They will go over school schedules and help guide students through the Encore six-year plan.  Counselors also deal with special student education needs and help students set up paths to college  includes the BRIDGE program.

Statement of Confidentiality
As professional school guidance counselors, they will respect the confidentiality of personal information disclosed during the course of conversation between counselors and students except in the following cases –
1.  If the student presents a danger to self or others
2.  If the student has or may be injured or abused by others
3.  If the student needs hospitalization
4.  If laws have or will be broken
5.  If counselors are required to do so by court order

Counselors are bound by Federal and California Law to break confidentiality in the above mentioned situations, and will do so to protect our students and remain legally and ethically true to the counseling profession.

Students or parents needing to see a counselor or administrator should call the school site for an appointment.  To make an appointment with a teacher, students and parents can request a meeting by emailing the teacher directly using the email list on the web site.  For the convenience of parents, teachers are available on the last Thursday of most months for parent / teacher conferences.  Other walk in appointments are not allowed.  School employees have many scheduled appointments and meetings that they must attend that make walk in appointments implausible.  Teachers are not able to take parent phone calls during school hours because they are busy teaching in the classroom.

Encore’s ELD (English Language Developement) program is to assist students who have language difficulties influencing their academic progress.  All students, upon enrolling, who indicate a language other than English in their home background will be tested.  Further testing and placement into ELD comes from results of testing.

Class Changes
During enrollment, students select classes with guardian’s approval.  The selection process should be taken into great consideration by both student and guardians when making choices.  After academic and arts assessments, guidance counselors will finalize all schedules. Academic level course changes will be made within the first two weeks of school.

A request for a class change must be submitted within one week of the start of class.  No elective changes will be made within the first two weeks of school.  Most of the courses at Encore are full year courses.  Students will NOT be able to receive credit for a class that is dropped at the semester break.  A request for a class change within a non core enrichment course will only be honored if the change will not affect the student’s academic schedule. A subject must be dropped within the first six weeks of the course.  For any course that is dropped after this time, students will receive an “F” grade for that course.  Class change priority is based on academic need.

Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors Classes
Encore offers Honors classes in various academic strands.  They require extra commitment to succeed and will demand more homework, tests, and projects. Students wishing to test for AP credit will be encouraged to take a college skills class to appropriately study for the AP test.  In order to qualify for HONORS, students must have no grade below a “B” in the prior year on their report card in any class.  In order to qualify for HONORS, the student must have receive an “A” letter grade for all semester grades or equivalent in the prerequisite or prior course.  HONORS classes will have more homework and are subject to the extra point for overall GPA.

Work Permits
All working minors under 18 years of age must hold a valid work permit.  Students should apply with the Guidance Counselor when wanting to work on school days, weekends, or during vacations.  In order to qualify for a work permit, students must not be on either a performance or academic probation, not have any outstanding debts for the school, and maintain positive attendance.  Until students reach the age of 18, working students must observe legal restrictions.  Work permits are issued on a one year probationary basis.  A permit may be canceled whenever it becomes apparent that the employment of a minor is impairing the health or education of the minor or that any provision or condition of the permit is being violated.  A new work permit is required for each employer.

Student Insurance Liability Disclaimer
Encore does not provide medical insurance for school accidents.  This means that parents / guardians are responsible for the medical bills if their student gets hurt during school activities.

Special Education Notice
Information on special services including copies of IEPs and 504s must be provided by the guardian and added to the student file at the time of enrollment.  This helps Encore make sure that each student is given important services to ensure student success.