Conservatory Auditions

What is a conservatory and why does this matter to me?

A conservatory is a group of courses within a house that all concentrate on the same specialized art. A conservatory is going to go into great detail and depth regarding a single art form and will work to prepare the artists within that conservatory for auditions, interviews, portfolios, and college entrance by the completion of Encore High School.

Can I be in a conservatory?
To be in a conservatory, you must master a list of skills within the genre and be tested on them. This test is a conservatory audition. During this audition, not only are you testing to get into the conservatory you are also testing for what level of expertise you will be set at.

Can you explain this?
I don’t understand the difference between a level and a conservatory.
In every conservatory, there are six levels that a student can go through. Upon entry into a conservatory, students are tested and placed as Pre-conservatory, Level I, Level 2, or Level 3. The higher the level tested into, the more trained skills you have mastered within that conservatory. For a lot of the classes at Encore, you must be accepted into the conservatory and the appropriate level to take that class.

What is the difference between a House and a Conservatory?
Looking at the college model again, choosing a House would be like choosing your Bachelor’s Degree program in college (I want to go into Business in college). This would be your “House” at Encore. Now, if you were to also continue your education to obtain a Master’s Degree, you will likely have to choose a more specific line of instruction to obtain that Master’s Degree (I want a Master’s in Business Administration). This would be your “Conservatory” at Encore.

I can certify in a House for graduation and get special recognition. Is there the same distinction for a Conservatory?
Yes. In general, each conservatory program is a four to five-year program to complete the all of the requirements necessary to graduate with a master certification in a conservatory. If you earn a master certification in a conservatory, you will wear the conservatory stole at graduation and receive a master certification plaque during the graduation ceremony.

There are classes in my conservatory that seem like they wouldn’t be in my conservatory. Why would this be?
To make sure that we are creating well-rounded artists and lifelong learners, there are pieces in every conservatory that cross over. Taking these classes that crossover will help you have a better understanding of your art and be a more valuable artist within your genre. Sometimes what looks like you are stepping out of the box, isn’t stepping out of the box at all……


For students that are wishing to enter a conservatory or change their conservatory, they must prepare to audition for the conservatory during the conservatory audition days.  These auditions take place after school and students must make arrangements to take these auditions if they wish to enter or change their conservatory.

Auditions will take place three times per year and are open to incoming students and current students wishing to change course direction.

The first set of auditions are held in March.  The second set of auditions are in June and the third set is in July.  Teachers and Instructors follow the incoming assessment tests to level where each student should be placed within a conservatory or if they qualify for the conservatory.  Students can get a copy of the assessment audition requirements before the actual audition.