The beautiful girl on the static trapeze….

Encore hosts a variety of aerialist courses that introduce a variety of cirque apparatus.  For a student to become a circus freak aerialist, they must first gain strength to be safe in the air.  Encore has a unique experience for aerialists because they are encouraged to enroll in dance classes.  When originally building the program in 2010, the originators of Encore’s cirque program were excited at the prospect of aerialists being able to crossover into dance classes too.  This experience teaches them how to build more graceful lines, improve flexibility and musicality, and expand their fluidity within a routine.  The result is a great marriage between cirque aerialist and dance techniques.

Aerialists should be enrolled in a cirque conditioning class to have time to work within weight and strength training.  Aerialists need to not be afraid of heights, be strong, and be mature to understand the seriousness of the artform that they are studying.  There are stringent audition guidelines that must be adhered to in order for a student to take on courses within the cirque aerialist classes.  Each campus has a multi-point rig that stands 17 – 20 feet in the air.  Students will be trained on how to safely rig apparatus and how to build circus acts in the air.

  • Tissu
  • Lyra
  • Spanish Web
  • Static Trapeze
  • Cube
  • Frame
  • Ladder
  • Straps