The best way to get scouted to be on this team:

  1. Join a performance team (dance, cheer, Production X)
  2. Be active in school performances
  3. Take part in Star Quest Internships when available

How often are cast members chosen?

  • This team is hard.
  • Cast members are added when the advisers believe they are ready for the team.
  • General casting happens twice per year, once in April for the following school year and once in December for mid term entry into the program.
Professionally speaking, this team is tops.

The Ambassadors performance team represents the top 5% of dancers, vocalists, and circus performers within the organization.  The artists on this team are scouted by the advisers and producers for this team and are given the opportunity to “try out” what a touring life would be like in the professional world by being a part of the outreach tours.

The members of this team (about 70 organization wide) are expected to dance at all levels, sing, and perform groupings of circus acts.  The performance tours perform for about 42,000 students over the course of the school year with three casts taking part in the performances.  This is an HONORS class that includes professional development, on the job training, extensive master classes, and master boot camp experiences including an annual boot camp in Las Vegas to work with current professionals in Vegas shows on the strip.

Dancers within the team are expected to learn and retain a lot of dancer material as well as learn how to effectively teach and create choreography.  Dancers will also take part in upper level dance classes on the campus.

The Ambassador team is lead by two seasoned advisers that teach some of the dance routines.  They have extensive tour training and choreography experience.  Some of the people that this team have worked with have worked with Disney, Cirque du Soleil, the Blue Man Group, The Lion King, Jersey Boys, Elf, Shrek, The Color Purple, Royal Caribbean, and many more.  This team has elective summer projects that include domestic and international travel tours.