I am coming to Encore for the Fine Arts Education. How does the “School of Fine Arts work”?
Every student that attends Encore MUST DECLARE a house. Think of it like the sorting hat when you get accepted to Hogwart’s. Every student has to decide which direction they want to go in as they enter Encore School of Fine Arts’ six-year program.

Each year, new students and returning students are required to assess and test within their house.  The house would be the same idea as choosing a degree program at a university.  As a college student, you choose a major for your bachelor’s degree.  Choosing a house at Encore High School should feel the same as choosing the major for your bachelor’s degree.  All of our houses are arts based.

During your enrollment at Encore School of Fine Arts, you should be planning to graduate with a certification from your House. To graduate with a certification from your house, you will earn a special graduation cord that you will wear and a certificate that you will receive during your high school graduation.

How do I know which HOUSE I should be choosing?
The best way to know how to choose the right HOUSE starts with understanding what each HOUSE represents and what the expectations are.