Career Arts Conservatory

When choosing your own destiny involves a career in the arts…. start here. 

The world is making fast-paced changes.  When it is so hard to keep up with the dynamic of technology that changes the fabric of the world’s economy, how do you plan for the future?  Careers are changing.  Careers are becoming more independent.  Economy and career and the meanings behind them are going to evolve over the next ten years.  Encore pirates are preparing for the future with the study within the career arts conservatory.

Career Arts conservatory is hands on training that will teach students how to build their own businesses and their own careers.  It gives them resume building experiences and opens doors to colleges, trade schools, and professional experiences for after high school.

The Career Arts Conservatory is broken down into four sub genres – Performance Careers, Culinary Arts Careers (Hesperia only), Technical Careers, and Teaching / Management Careers

Culinary Arts
Performance Careers
Teaching / Management
Technical Careers