Career Arts House


The House of Career Arts is nicknamed the Flying Dutchmen. The pirate lore of the Flying Dutchmen is simply that it is a very fast moving ship that can never port. The House of Career Arts is building the future business leaders and entrepreneurs within the arts industry, so they will always be on the move. The House of Career Arts is the pirate ship with two swords signifying the strength of leading a career and the ship signifying the constant movement of an entrepreneur.

The house of career arts covers technical arts skills that can be translated into competitive careers within the arts and general management careers. The students within this House are the ones that are going to be planning larger events using a variety of mediums. Encore’s House of Careers is broken down into three conservatories – Performance Careers (ones on stage), Technical Careers (behind the scenes), and Teaching / Management (ones that create the event).
Depending on the student involvement and the level within a specific conservatory, students that are enrolled in the House of Career Arts should expect to be asked to stay after school for special events and will probably be enrolled in a daily lab study hall that will work to plan events rather than work on homework. They need to have a strong work ethic, common sense, and have an open mind to learn how to become a great leader.

When a student graduates with a certification from the House of Career Arts, it is the expectation that they will have a great knowledge of how to communicate in the business world. They will know how to organize and event and complete certain tasks specific to careers within technical arts career training given in the Encore courses.

Students are expected to work extra hours and participate in school events. Heavy student engagement and heavy student communication is required to succeed in the House of Career Arts.

There are a variety of specific business models that are performed through this House over the course of the year that involve both stage, print, and media entertainment.