Career Technical Education

It is the goal of Encore to teach our students how to build a successful future using the resources and skills they learn in high school.  As an arts school, the technical education components offered are combined with hands-on experience in the arts industry.  Encore students that take an active role in the projects offered on campus will learn the following key pieces to working in the arts industry:

  1. Work ethic & Time management
  2. Project planning, follow through, and execution
  3. Proper etiquette for artists within their field
  4. Hands-on training and master classes from people within the industry
  5. How to start to look for jobs within their chosen career arts field


Encore offers a conservatory that is specific for students exploring careers for performers, teachers, business managers, and technical artists.


  • Students that are enrolled in a multi year track program for careers includes multi levels of training within their genres (an average of three instructors or teachers are in each career).
  • Students that are enrolled as Professional Performers have multiple opportunities to take part in Master Classes and Encore Chats.
  • Students have the opportunity to complete PreMaster and Masters Conservatory Certifications.
  • The top 5% of performance students are recruited to be a part of the Professional Performance Artist Honors programs that takes part in an annual tour that teaches students how to plan for multiple stops.


  • Students wishing to pursue teaching after high school can opt to take on advanced classes by working with Honors and AP coursework
  • High school students have the opportunity to work with the Dean of Academics as a student intern that evaluates and takes part in direct teaching tasks and information.
  • Students have the opportunity to become a Teacher’s Aide for a class during the school year.
  • Encore periodically offers an after school performance program where students can try their turn at teaching during various after school programs and workshops.
  • Getting involved in student government, National Honor Society, and California Scholastic Federation is suggested


  • Students wishing to pursue a life in a business career have the opportunity to become a Teacher’s Aide for a class during the school year.
  • Students that are involved in student government get an inside look on how to make a plan and follow through
  • Students can be involved in office internships where they can gain hands on training as an office receptionist


  • Encore offers a variety of training in various technical trades that can lead to careers and self built businesses
    • Fashion Design
    • Photography
    • Culinary Arts
    • Podcasts and YouTube Channels