College Preparation

As listed under Academic Rigor – students need to complete all of the A-G requirements prior to graduation to be ready for college admissions.  On top of the course requirements, students should take the PSAT and must take either the SAT or ACT to be considered for admission to most colleges.

State testing is also growing to be more important as the tests become more standardized.  Encore offers a variety of tests throughout the year including the ASVAB.

What are the exact requirements for me to get into the college I am looking at?
Every college is different. Encore has adopted the general standards for acceptance to a lot of college and university programs as our basic graduation requirements. The “A-G requirements” were developed in cooperation between the California State University and the University of California boards and are used all over the world.

The exact definition of A-G is:
“Courses from California high schools and online schools used to satisfy the “a-g” subject requirements must be approved by UC and appear on the institution’s “a-g” course list. These courses are to be academically challenging, involving substantial reading, writing, problems and laboratory work (as appropriate), and show serious attention to analytical thinking, factual content and developing students’ oral and listening skills.”

Check the college and university admission requirements for the colleges that are under consideration for your specific admission.

I have so many more classes than what is on the A-G list. What do I do?

  • The additional classes that you take at Encore are going to accomplish many things for you as a student.
  • The average, full time student graduating from Encore will complete 360 high school semester units by the time they graduate. This is very high. The average high school student going to an average high school will graduate with about 280 units.
  • For universities, this gives you an edge because your “well rounded” skills are going to show up on your official transcripts.
  • You have time to really hone in and master your skills for your fine arts.
  • You have time to make up classes to get a better grade to be considered for college academically.
  • If you are in a hurry, there is the option of graduating early (Although we do not recommend that. You have the rest of your life to be an adult. Take advantage of the free offerings in high school because nothing is free after graduation.) If you do want to look at graduating early, talk to a counselor right away so they can discuss what that path looks like.
  • Try new things. Once you choose an Arts House, you should take the opportunity to drink in all that is offered at Encore for FREE. Classes at the college level are so expensive and what if you hate it? Test the waters when the price is good….
  • Use your opportunity for extra classes to round out your education. Pursue becoming the most knowledgeable you that you can become.
  • Students in grades 7 and 8 can take high school academic classes as long as they are also enrolled in the requisite courses for grades 7 and 8. Students choosing to do this would give up arts classes to gain academic rigor. See a counselor for more information.