Costume Design

Encore’s costume design program is one of the most advanced secondary program offered in the country.  Student costume designers start their experiences as novices and grow their way into a portfolio that mimics many graduates from post secondary programs in the state of California.

This award winning program has been recognized throughout the state for a variety of costume developments. The costume design department creates just under 1,000 costumes every school year divided between the strong team of student designers.  The costume library that has been created by this department has been sought after, and rented more times than can be counted.  Designers within the program are tasked with curricular assignments that help improve skills and are then tasked with designing some of the most beautiful costumes that become part of Encore history and the swelling number of productions completed every year.  They design for the circus.  They design for the ballet.  They design for period pieces.  The costume design department is a part of every single production that takes place within the Encore organization.  They participate in fashion shows at the end of the year and expos that show off their completed designs.

Designers in the program learn

  • how to sew
  • how to draw for design purposes
  • how to design
  • how to create patterns
  • how to research eras and details
  • how to communicate
  • how to budget
  • how to work on deadlines
  • how to show
  • how to create portfolios
  • how to complete projects
  • how to adjust when something goes wrong
  • how to complete alterations
  • how to build from thrift store finds
  • how to build from their imagination
  • how to masterbuild props and accessories
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