Dance Conservatory

  1. GRADUATING WITH DANCE HONORS – Encore has a six year dance Masters program that students are invited to be a part of. If you are interested in graduating with DANCE MASTERS, make sure to get the information from Encore’s Creative Director of Academics that also organizes the MASTERS and PREMASTERS programs.  Earning this distinction is like graduating from college with your Bachelor’s Degree.

In order to be a part of the DANCE CONSERVATORY within the Encore Organization, every dancer must adhere to a strict outline of rules. Failure to follow the conservatory rules can have a student removed from the conservatory and their dance classes.

WHEN A DANCER MISSES A CLASS PERFORMANCE, THEY CAN WRITE A TERM PAPER TO REPLACE THE PERFORMANCE. Students cannot progress past level 2 if they do not perform within their performance conservatory.

ASSESSMENTS – All classes that are CONSERVATORY classes require an assessment audition to be completed. Only dancers leveled into a level or a level higher than the class offered are allowed to participate in conservatory courses.   Dancers assessed at a higher level are allowed to take courses in lower levels, but lower lever dancers may not take courses in levels higher than where they assess.

ATTENDANCE – is important for students that are enrolled in a class. If you miss more than 9 classes in a school year, you can jeopardize your standing within the conservatory.  Students that miss class for any reason are required to make up participation points prior to the end of each quarter.

Encore gives teachers the two weeks prior to the event as “BLACKOUT” period.  This means that they can schedule mandatory rehearsals at this time and all students are required to participate.  Failure to participate in all “BLACKOUT” rehearsals could pull a student from a show and force them to complete an alternate assignment to make up points lost.

FOR INDEPENDENT STUDY STUDENTS – that have assessed into conservatory level dance – they are allowed to do drop in and pickup courses throughout the semester to gain fine arts credit for their electives and to satisfy A-G. Your counselor will give you times that these courses take place.  Independent study students must complete the out of class assignment and at least 25 pick-up classes each semester to gain course credit.

LEVEL 1 – Is responsible for participating in two recitals over the course of the year. For any student that misses a recital and/or rehearsal leading up to a recital – they will be required to complete a term paper.

LEVEL 2- Is responsible for participating in two recitals over the course of the year. Sometimes, LEVEL 2 dancers have pieces that are placed in productions that required additional participation.

LEVEL 3 + – Should be taking part in all school wide productions, dance recitals, and festivals. They will be made aware of productions that they take part in ahead of time, but they are responsible for multiple performance events each year (Sometimes 2 or 3 per semester.)

NON SUIT – If a student does not dress out or participate during a dance class more than three times in a quarter, they will be moved out of that dance class and into a study hall or physical education class. This is for the safety of the dancers in the class.

AFTER SCHOOL PERFORMANCES – As a conservatory dancer, all students placed in a conservatory are required to participate in after school events to hold their spot within the conservatory. Depending on the Conservatory level, students are required different levels of commitment.  These events will require after school rehearsals leading up to the event.  Remember, being a part of the DANCE CONSERVATORY is a privilege with responsibility.  If you do not wish to have the commitments of DANCE CONSERVATORY, it is suggested to take non conservatory based dance classes.  There are no after school commitments for those classes.

SPORTS PHYSICALS – Any student in the DANCE CONSERVATORY is required to complete a SPORTS PHYSICAL every year to remain in the program. Encore wants to make sure that everyone is healthy and ready to handle the rigor of the Dance classes.  Encore tries to offer onsite physicals before school starts each year, although not guaranteed.  There are several clinics that offer the physicals for low to no cost. This must be completed before the first day of school or your student runs the risk of not being placed in their classes.

Dancers cannot wear face piercings during performances and must not have nails that are longer than 1/8 inch past the end of the finger for any dance team or parter work. These are dangerous to the dancer and their dance partners.


DANCE REQUIRED CLASS UNIFORM – Students are required to wear these uniforms to gain participation points in a class. Failure to wear a class uniform will cause the student to not participate that day.  If there is an issue with the uniform, please contact the Dance Teacher or the Dean of Academics and they will work to help you remedy the situation.

  1. Shoes – TAP (split sole tap shoes)


  1. Shoes – Tennis shoes preferred, jazz shoes acceptable
  2. Pants – leggings, sweats, shorts – NO JEANS OR RESTRICTIVE CLOTHING
  3. Shirts – Tee shirts



  1. Leotard (any kind)
  2. Tights (any kind) or tight dance leggings (any kind)
  3. Shoes – JAZZ / MUSICAL THEATER (split sole jazz shoes or ballet shoes)
  4. Shoes – TAP (split sole tap shoes)
  5. Booty shorts (any kind, optional)
  6. Tanks and Tees are allowed over your gear in jazz as long as the instructor can still designate lines to help maintain fundamentals.
  7. Hair – must be pulled up into a neat ponytail or bun (helps with spotting and keeps eyes safe during turns)


  1. Tee shirt or tank top (any kind)
  2. Dance leggings (any kind
  3. Shoes – JAZZ / MUSICAL THEATER (Split sole jazz shoes or ballet shoes)
Communicating through DANCE

For the dancers at Encore High School, movement to music is a way of life.  It is a way to communicate.  Dancers of Encore work to “dance like no one is watching” and then have the fundamental mastery of technique to back up the passion that is developed in class, in rehearsal, on the stage, and just for fun.  There are a variety of dance genres taught within the Encore organization.  The dance conservatory is the largest conservatory on campus hosting about 20% of all students within the organization.

Encore welcomes students that may not have any background in dance and want to learn.  There is a history of developing young enthusiasts into dancers that have ultimately been able to transfer their training into college scholarships and internships with dance companies across the country.

If you are an experienced dancer, Encore can help you further your training with intense training multiple times over the course of the day and hundreds of performance opportunities to help build your professional and semi-professional resumes.  As an experienced dancer, you have the opportunity to widen your knowledge to many dance genres, take part in master classes, go on field trips that are dance based, join a competition or performance team, and be a part of scholarship auditions and competitions.

If you believe and you want to work for it, Encore can help develop your passion of dance.

When all else fails…. DANCE!