In the world of film, digital media is the every growing trand with “social media.”  Using only an IPhone, peole can now film 4K just like film cameras that cost several thousand dollars.  Encore provides a unique and fast paced film department within the Technical Arts Conservatory.  The students are able to learn and create several films throughout the course of the school year.

Students work on a variety of projects that are displayed at art shows, and conventions throughout the school year.  Films are entered into competitions.  Encore has won the state championship for “Directing Change” with a short film, “Scribbles” that tackles the teenage suicide and social isolation.

The department is designed to show the students that film making is a vital and crucial tool for any business and career, whether it be an artistic one or not.  Showing students how to create cutting edge transitions, graphics, and film techniques can strengthen a student portfolio when going to a job interview or applying to a college.  A student that can utilize video and media to promote a product or oneself shows that they are able to grasp and ingest several elements at one time.  This will help their message get across on the big, the small, and the social screens worldwide.