Encore endorses the use of donorschoose for classroom fundraisers.  If you are interested in donating, you can select a program that your student is directly involved in.  Donorschoose is a program where teachers can create a wish list for things they need within their classroom for a special project or a way to enhance their current program.  Classes throughout the organization have benefited from the ongoing use of


On most products that you purchase already, there is a small pink logo that says, “Boxtops for Education.”  When you collect these boxtops and turn them in to our treasure box in the front office, the school earns money.  This money is given to ASB.  ASB uses this money for student events and special products.


Encore Education Corporation is a non profit 501C3 organization.  Every year, we must raise money to fund the arts productions and arts programs at the school.  We love donations of school supplies, working instruments and sound equipment, computer and camera equipment and other equipment that can help build the many programs at Encore.  Each year, we strive to raise about $200 per student within the program to fund our arts programs.

You can donate by sending money or items to our district office:
Encore Education Corporation
16955 Lemon Street
Hesperia CA 92345

If you would like your donation sent to a specific program, please signify this when you send the donation.  Thank you for your support.


Permission to conduct fundraising activities is controlled by the administration. Fundraiser request forms must be turned into the ASB Director.  Any fundraiser must be approved PRIOR to the start of the event.  Unapproved sales activities will be dealt with at the administration level and may result in “freezing” team activities.  Fundraiser requests must be submitted at least 14 days in advance.  NO OFF CAMPUS FUNDRAISERS ARE ALLOWED ON CAMPUS WITHOUT EXPRESS SCHOOL APPROVAL.