Ground Arts

…And people have the misconception that you have to be in the air to mystify them….HA!!!

Ground Arts works hand in hand with tumbling to help artists gain an understanding of how their own bodies work.  Whether they are balancing on a ball, contorting on their own, or building intricate pyramids with friends – grounds artists have a great understanding of flexibility, balance, and teamwork.

A big part of the ground arts class is building up strength and flexibility to be able to successfully accomplish the feats that will make an audience “awe.”  Looking like your body is related to a wet noodle is a challenge and a talent that Encore’s ground artists are up to explore.

In contortion – students have an opportunity to learn how to spend hours warming up the flexibility within their body.  A good contortionist will spend over an hour a day (great ones are 2 -3 hours) working their flexibility.  They are used to stretching so getting a good stretch as a contortionist can take longer than the average person.

In body balance – performers need to learn how to use core strength to find the way to balance for long periods of time on pegs.  They usually start with hand stands and head stands.  Then they build off of the physics of those two basic moves.

In acro balance – performers work together in small groups to build beautiful pyramids that will make crowds talk about their marvelous feats.  It takes practice, determination, and trust of the people within a group in order to make a successful acro routine.

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