The strings play a hypnotic melody….

Encore’s guitar program is overseen by two classic guitar aficionados.  The guitar is a great beginning instrument for enthusiasts wanting to become musicians.  Learning the fundamentals of finger placement and picking techniques is a great way to start into the world of music.  Guitars are one of the most popular instruments in the world.  It is portable and does not require amplification to sound great.  A person can sound good at the beginning of their teachings and it transcends many different music genres.  It is a staple in most music ensembles.

At Encore, guitarists take class from very talented and educated classical musicians to learn how to play, read music, and start their hand at composing.  Students play as soloists and in small guitar ensembles to work their way to play with the rock band, rhythm combos, and the jazz band.

A lot of guitarists at Encore will expand their instrumentation while enrolled in the arts program to include other instruments like the piano or an ensemble instrument.  This makes the ability to compose and conduct music easier, preparing them for future years.