Health Office


Encore employs a nurse on both campuses that are on campus for the school day and many after school events.  If your student has a medical condition or has ANY prescription drugs that they need to take during the school day, including asthma inhalers, there are forms in the health office that need to be filled out by the legal guardian.  Possession of prescription drugs or over the counter medications on campus could result in immediate dismissal if all provisions are not met.  When a student is ill or injured, they are referred to the health office.  The health office is a place for first aid only.  Our health technician will assess the situation and either the student back to class or call home.  A student cannot remain in the health office for more than one hour before being sent back to class.  In emergencies, the health office will call “911” and have students taken by paramedic to the closest available hospital.


Every attempt to reach parents / emergency contact will be made when a student has a fever.  Parents are expected to come pick up their student from school when they have a fever or vomiting.  Any fever greater than 102.00 will result in a “911” call at the parent’s expense if parents / contacts cannot be reached.  Students must be fever free for 24 hours without fever reducing medication before returning to school.  Please make sure that your student has a current Emergency Card on file and contacts other than parents are listed.  Students cannot be in the health office for more than one hour while waiting for parent pickup.


The State of California ahs strict laws regarding the way medication can be dispensed at school.  The guidelines are as follows:

  1. Medication must be given to the school health office by the parent or guardian.  Students are not allowed to transport medication to and from school.
  2. Prescription medication which needs to be taken at school must be accompanied by the following:
    1. A written, signed statement from the physician giving the method, amount, and time when the medication is to be given.
    2. A written statement from the parent giving his / her consent that the school can give the medication as directed by the physician.
  3. All medicine must be in the container in which it was purchased.
  4. All medicine must be kept in the health office and will be dispensed by personnel.  Send only the amount to be given at school and keep all other doses at home.
  5. If there is a change in the prescription, a new permission slip must be signed by the parent and physician.


As part of California’s child health and wellness requirements, schools do periodic health screenings.  In accordance with the screening practices of HUSD and RUSD, Encore will provide screenings for our students.

Hearing & vision screening for all students in grades 8 and 10 will take place.  Scoliosis screening will take place for all 7th grade girls and 8th grade boys.  As public health nurses, the nurses conduct these screenings are trained to conduct these mandatory screenings in accordance with California state standards.  Our health technician will assist them with all procedures and send home results as necessary. If a child fails a screening, a letter will be sent home to parent / guardian notifying them of the results.  These results can then be taken to your health care provider for evaluation  If you do not have health insurance, we encourage you to contact Encore’s health office for a list of low cost clinics in our area.

If you wish that your child NOT BE SCREENED, please contact our health office prior to March 1.  Otherwise, you student will be screened.  If you have specific questions in regards to school health services.  If we are unable to answer your questions, we will direct you to the county health department.


Disclaimer – Your child’s school doe NOT provide medical insurance for your school accidents.  This means that you are responsible for the medical bills if your child gets hurt during school activities.


ALL ACCIDENTS OR INJURIES MUST BE REPORTED IMMEDIATELY.  An incident report must be completed and can be obtained in the front office or health office.

First aid may be administered on campus.  All faculty and staff have completed both first aid and CPR training.  Many members of the faculty have also een trained to administer EPI pen.

If the situation warrants, paramedic services will be requested at a parent’s expense.  In all cases, an attempt will be made to notify the parent or guardian as soon as possible. It is absolutely essential to have a properly completed emergency card on file at the school to ensure prompt and effective treatment and parental notification.