Hip Hop


  • Students must wear non restrictive clothing (no jeans)
  • Students should wear sneakers and appropriate socks
  • Slightly baggy clothes that do not get in the way of dance moves are preferred
HIP HOP and other Urban Legends

Encore works to make sure that the dance students within the dance conservatory have access to young, new, fresh techniques in Hip Hop dance.  Hip Hop is one of the youngest forms of dance worldwide with a lot of current exposure.  Dancers learn how to Improv, feel the music, and use their body to accentuate music through the art of Hip Hop.

Hip Hop is only open to students that are members of the dance conservatory.

Advanced dancers in hip hop have the opportunity to perform in productions, compete on the hip hop team, or join the performance tour company for performance opportunities.  Within Hip Hop, dancers are given options for master classes and field trips.

There are four hip hop dance instructors within the Encore faculty with a range of training that spans the United States.