Independent Study

On both campuses, Encore offers a limited full time independent study program for high school students grades 7 – 12.

For grades 7 – 12, students can opt to build a different kind of high school experience by enrolling in Encore’s limited independent study program. With Encore’s program, the core academic classes can be taken online with a bi-weekly class meeting on campus with an independent study coordinator.

The ENCORE DIFFERENCE when it comes to independent study is that all independent study students are invited to take part in the large variety of events, activities, and productions that happen after school. Whether you want to attend a senior prom or be in a major musical theatre production, at Encore you can take part in these activities as part of the independent study program.


Encore has offered independent study to students full time and part time based on their individual needs. For students wishing to use independent study for credit recovery, Encore can place them into one or two classes of guided study to recover courses for graduation.  These courses are taken on campus during a Flex course block in an online class.

GRADES 7 – 12 FULL TIME INDEPENDENT STUDY -In a world where life can get pretty crazy, sometimes traditional seat time is too difficult for a middle or high school student to commit to. Whether you are a full time working performer, caring for family, or just work better on your timelines, independent study is a viable option for the high school student that can plan their week on their own.

For all full time independent study students, they are given a laptop computer with access to our online curriculum. They will be enrolled full time in academic courses based on the plan toward graduation. They can work at their own pace, but are required to meet at an agreed class meeting time with the Independent Study Coordinator and Teacher every week for two hours.

The online curriculum gives backup research and videos to watch if you need help to get through the units that are assigned from week to week. When you come for your bi-weekly visit with your Independent Study Coordinator/Teacher, you will test in the units that you have completed over the course of two weeks. You will also schedule time to complete science labs outside of your weekly visit.

Encore offers an A-G approved college admissions graduation SIX YEAR PLAN, where only three courses are required on campus to complete the whole six year plan (Chemistry, Spanish I, and Spanish II).


Encore offers one of the largest varieties of programs for teams, special events, and social activities. When you are an Encore student in the Independent study program, you are also open to attend and take part in after school activities that the traditional Encore school students take part in.*

TEAMS – Theatre Troupe, Dance Team, Cheer, Production X, Ambassadors, Media Team, California Scholastic Federation, National Honor Society, International Thespian Society, World Scholars, Cosplay, Mock Trial, Street Band, Student Council

CAMPUS CLASSES – Associated Student Body, Star Quest child development

SHOW CREATIONS – Big Audition Day and about 8 Productions every year that rehearsal after school and on Saturdays

COMPETITIONS – Inventor’s Competitions, National History Day, Science Fair, Spelling Bee, Black History Month Presentation Competition, Talent Show, and Captain Encore

CAMPUS EVENTS – Homecoming, Prom, Graduation, Mystery Night, Encore Social, Skate Night, Holi Festival, Friday Rallies, Carnival, Winter Festival, School Dances, Encore Chats, Team Rush, College and Career Fairs, College Field Trips, Television Show Tapings, Workshops, Senior Activities, Catalina, Hollywood Horror Nights, Master Classes, Talent Show, Captain Encore, Scotty Awards, and any other fun stuff created.

If you are interested in enrolling in Encore’s Independent Study High School program, visit the high school counselor for enrollment or contact Encore’s Enrollment Coordinator, Hesperia Lin Ahmed or Riverside Jenna Snowball Limited space is available.

* Must be academically, attendance, and behavior eligible. For teams that are auditioned, students must pass the audition to participate.