Independent Study

With the new enrollment season starting in January, Encore is setting up exactly how students will track their enrollment for the next school year.  New students are not required to audition into a conservatory, but this will limit what courses they are available to sign up for.  It is important that every student can tailor their schedule to meet their individual needs.

This program is new.

Encore’s Independent Study program gives students the opportunity to engage in an innovative academic program while living within the specific and various needs of students that choose independent study as the correct program for their lifestyle.  Students enrolled in the Independent Study are required to come on campus at least once a week for three hours to meet with their Independent Study Coordinator.  Tests and labs for science will be required to be completed on campus.  The courses will be proctored by a credentialed teacher and directed by an Independent Study Coordinator.

As an Independent Study Program Student, the following procedures will happen:

  1. Student will meet with Encore’s Enrollment Manager to enroll in the Independent Study program.
  2. Once enrolled, student will meet with their school counselor to create an academic plan that will help the student achieve graduation during the Encore six year plan.
  3. Student will be assigned an Independent Study Coordinator that will help them with academic progress.
    1. Students will meet with their Independent Study Coordinator once a week for three hours to get academic progress plans, take tests, schedule labs, and complete attendance reports.
    2. The Independent Study Coordinator will provide to the student the pacing plan for their academic schedule.
    3. Independent Study Coordinator will keep attendance records and proof of completion of work.
    4. Independent Study Coordinator will send emails to parents and students once per month to document academic progress.
    5. A credentialed teacher in the appropriate subject will proctor and grade the courses that the IS student is enrolled in.
    6. When a student is enrolled in an independent study program, they are assigned credentialed teachers that they can email to work through parts that they struggle with within the course.  They are invited to drop in on traditional seat based classes if they need extra reinforcement for specific classes. Starting in the fall of 2020, they will also be able to participate in live streaming classes and recorded classes for reinforcement.
  1. Students enrolled in an Independent Study program will be given a notebook that they will be required to turn in to there IS Coordinator Monthly for participation in classes. This will account for part of their attendance.
    1. Students will record when they participate in a seat based class, signed off by the teacher or classroom aide.
    2. Students will record when they log in to Cyber High and keep track of time spent online.
    3. Students will record when they log in to a streaming or recorded lecture
  1. IS students are allowed to come on campus for seat based, traditional classes to gain additional help if available as a “Drop in” student if desired. (Not allowed if the student was placed on IS as a discipline action.)
  2. IS students can opt to switch to a Hybrid program if they wish to take arts classes in addition to IS courses.
  3. IS students will be encouraged to take Chemistry on campus to fulfill the A-G requirements.
  4. IS Coordinator will track participation and academic progress for the purposes of recording attendance.