Junior High

With the new enrollment season starting in January, Encore is setting up exactly how students will track their enrollment for the next school year.  New students are not required to audition into a conservatory, but this will limit what courses they are available to sign up for.  It is important that every student can tailor their schedule to meet their individual needs.

Junior High Enrollment is a traditional schedule that is suggested for all seventh and eighth grade students.  This would have them attend school every day in a traditional schedule.  They will have four classes in their block, two academic classes that meet every day and cover both math/science and English/history.  The remaining two classes will be reserved for arts training.  This schedule will help junior high students succeed in preparation for high school and expose them to math and English every day for improved skills.  In junior high, Encore is working to close achievement gaps from the 72 different local Districts our students matriculate from.


  • Students enrolled in Junior High Enrollment have up to six classes within their scheduling block (dependent on conservatory placement), four each day.
  • Non conservatory junior high enrollment will have four classes within their block that meet every day, Monday through Friday.
  • Conservatory junior high enrollment will have four conservatory classes within their block that will follow the high school red / black calendar.
  • Upon enrollment into junior high classes, students will choose their electives if they are a conservatory student.  All other students will be placed within an arts exploration class that rotates through a variety of performing / technical arts classes (rotation at the end of each month/quarter).
  • Students in the junior high enrollment program will not participate in spring scramble.
  • Parents and students should notify their counselor or the enrollment manager if they are SPED, GATE, 504, or Honors to help Encore appropriately accommodate the specific needs of the student.
  • Junior High students wishing to enter a conservatory will be required to audition at one of the conservatory audition dates in March, June, or July.