LCAP Goals 19/20

Goal 1 – Encore administration will hire and retain highly qualified, credentialed teachers within the subject area of instruction for all core instruction.

Goal 2 -Encore will engage a variety of methods to deliver academic content and performance standards as adopted by the state board for all pupils, including English Learners.

Goal 3 – Encore will offer a wide variety of courses that will make sure that more students are A-G qualified and to appeal to and include all students, giving each student the tools to apply for college or university, engagement that cultivates inclusion in school activities, and interest that keeps students in school.  Encore will add an active college and career counselor to help students plan for life after high school.

Goal 4 – Encore will continue to maintain school facilities to create an improved school climate.

Goal 5 – Parents will actively engage in decision-making and will participate in programs.

Goal 6 – Encore will work to increase student achievement by filling in gaps in fundamental knowledge.