Lyrical Uniform


  • Black leotard
  • black leggings or tan / black transitional tights
  • bare feet


  • Black tee shirt
  • Black shorts or leggings
  • bare feet
Telling Your Story through Dance.

As a dancer grows with fundamental mastery in both ballet and jazz, there comes a point in training when the story to be told in dance is more important than the move itself. Lyrical dance is the combination of fierce mastery of fundamental ballet and jazz techniques with the ability to tell a compelling story to make the audience feel something.  For dancers that can master the art of great technique storytelling, they are the best lyrical dancers.

For a dancer that is solely focused on technique, they forget to tell the story of their dance in their face.  The importance of mastery of lyrical dance is paced in the soul of a dancer’s dance.

At Encore, lyrical is combined with upper level conservatory ballet training so dancers can continue the regiment of ballet and combine it with the passion and soul of lyrical dance during their 94 minute classes that meet every other day.  Encore has seven lyrical dance teachers on the faculty that help students learn how to tell the story with every muscle movement in their body.  Commitment to the story leads to lyrical success.