Men’s Dance

Boys Dance Too

The beat of the music strikes the soul of little ones from the time they are born. It starts with slipping and sliding in your socks on the kitchen floor to some crazy music that mom loves to play.  As you get older, the love of the beat grows to be a theme song and “hand dance” in the back seat of the car.  If you are lucky, this dancing beat is rewarded by lessons at one of the many great dance studios in the Inland Empire or High Desert.  As you grow up, where do you go if you are a boy that loves to dance?

It is hard to be the only guy at the dance studio.  The costumes aren’t much fun.  As the girls are picking out tutus, you get to buy your own black slacks and pair them with a complimenting shirt.  The moves are not the same.  As a boy in a girls’ class, teachers have to spend time switching out  all of the dance moves to make them look like a boy.  It is even harder for boys to transition into a professional career if they don’t have extensive partner work by the time they graduate high school.

Male dancers need to have training in gymnastics and tumbling… and must spend extensive time conditioning to gain upper body strength for lifting partners.  They also need opportunities to gain flexibility and stamina.

When your boy loves to dance and wants to seriously develop their craft, they can enroll in Encore and take “all male” based fundamental classes as well as mixed classes.  Encore has multiple male dance instructors on the faculty with a variety of backgrounds from ballet to hip hop.  Encore also has two tumbling instructors and two conditioning instructors that can help them round out their dance training with strength and agility.  They also have multiple productions, competitive teams, and touring groups that are always looking for new male dancers.  Partner work is extensive for male dancers at Encore.

Boys will be boys and boys will dance at Encore….