Music Arts House


  • Instrumental Music
  • Vocal Music

The House of Music is nicknamed the Kraken. The Kraken is from pirate lore and is a pirate monster that looked like a giant squid. The Kraken was so large that is could engulf an entire pirate ship and drag it into the sea. The musician can entrance their audiences and pull them into the sea of music and is therefore the Kraken of the arts. The House of Music flag shows the Kraken engulfing a ship anchor getting ready to pull them into the music. This flag represents the strength of music from the House of the Music.

The house of music covers all art forms where the primary focus of what a student would do uses music to define. Students enrolled in the House of Music should have the expectation of constantly practicing at home individually to become a better musician. They will work independently as soloists and in groups in choirs and bands. They don’t have a lot of after school commitments, but will attend festival and will perform throughout the year.

Depending on the student involvement and the level within a specific conservatory, students that are enrolled in the House of Music should expect to enroll in music theory every year. Music theory enhances the ability to sight read and write music. Students will also be asked oftentimes to expand to additional instruments.

When a student graduates with a certification from the House of Music, it is the expectation that they will have a great knowledge of music theory and a variety of music. They will be able to sight read and will be able to show mastery in their instrument.  Students are expected to rent or purchase their own instruments. There is a uniform for the choirs and bands that must be purchased one time, but can be reused year after year. Should any financial hardship arise, please let Encore know.  Musicians perform at the fall carnival, winter festival, and spring recitals. These are free attend, but donations of $2 per person is requested to help fund sheet music for the department. Additional festivals are added and parents are made aware when they can watch the performances. There are also multiple opportunities for musicians to auditions for productions on campus.