Musical Theatre Dance

Let’s hear it for the good ol’ song and dance.

Musical Theatre is an artform that was created in the United States.  This is what Broadway is made of and is why it is so important for dancers that are not planning on joining a ballet company to make sure that they take time to also learn how to sing.  While they may never be a principle vocalist, knowing how to put the song and dance together is critical to widening a dancers opportunities.

In Musical Theatre, the class is taught how to combine both song and dance.  Ladies generally dance in character heels and everyone is taught fundamentals in both singing and dancing.  This is an advanced level class for actors, vocalists, and dancers.  It is a great crossover conservatory class.

Encore has five Musical Theatre Instructors on faculty.  Students are required to have the appropriate shoes for the class and to wear non restrictive clothing for the dance classes.

Hip Hop
Men’s Dance