Performance Careers

I want my career to be onstage….

You can be the most talented performer in your school, family, church, or friend group.  Talent can only get you so far.  In life, there will always be a performer that is more talented than  you.  For people that want to be in the profession of performance, they have to hone in on several skills to help them survive.

  • They need to know how to take rejection
  • They need to know how develop themselves as a brand and a product
  • They need to know what happens off stage to make sure that there can be an onstage

At Encore, students looking to pursue performance careers are encouraged to be a part of the productions on campus, performance teams, and work to get scouted as an Ambassador or Street Band performer on top of their regular training within their performance arts.  Students also enroll in student government and / or media teams to learn how to market and build market share for a brand.

This is the world of performance careers.