Life happens in a series of pictures.  Who will capture the best ones?

Encore photography department garners a variety of skilled industry professionals in the photography world as instructors.  As a student embarks into the world of photography and photography design, they build off of what they see and the creative / artistic eye that they develop along the way.  Many photographers start as enthusiasts that love photos.  Turning it into a career takes a background in technique and art form.

Students of Encore in the photography department learn how to use a variety of tools to perfect their photos.  They capture photos that tell a story through events that are happening AND stage photos to create images that are artistic and commercial.  Whether they are looking at an editorial style photo or an artistic flair, student photographers are learning how to expand their art and creativity.

Students in this conservatory need to have a camera.  There are a variety of cameras that work and needs for cameras change as a photographer becomes more advanced.  They need to have a camera in order to be able to practice their art when they are not in a school setting.

Students will be exposed to editing and Photoshop and have the ability to become Adobe certified that is helpful for careers after high school.  Prior students within the program have been able to professionally photograph for very large incorporations, including the largest circus company in the world.

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