Riverside School Data and Student Success

Encore High School for the Arts – Riverside is Accredited through Western Association for Schools and Colleges through 2020.

Encore High School for the Arts – Riverside Post High School Plans

As each year draws to a close, the very helpful counseling department complete with College and Career Manager work tirelessly to help the seniors of Encore create a plan for after high school.  In the 18/19 school year, the graduates of Encore Riverside were accepted to and made plans to attend the following post secondary options.


For the state of California, college readiness is defined as the student completing all of the required units within the A-G college acceptance standards with a letter grade of “C” or better.  Most Encore students graduate with about 50 extra units because of the block schedule and the amount of courses they take during their four year high school experience (grades 9-12).  Encore is working with their students that require credit recovery because they have earned a “D” in a course during their high school years so they can become more college ready.  Students that need to get a better grade in a completed A-G class are encouraged to enter Encore’s credit recovery program.

For the 17/18 school year, the state of California’s Average for students graduating A-G qualified was 41%.

For the 18/19 school year at Encore Riverside the percentage of students graduating A-G qualified was 57%.


To prepare for college acceptances, Encore Riverside seniors that took the ACT had the following test results compared for ACT readiness.

Encore High School for the Arts – Riverside Career Technical Education Completers for 2019.

During the 18/19 school year, Encore Riverside adopted a variety of career technical education programs.  As a result, several seniors graduated with distinction of completing one or more CTE completer programs.

Encore’s CTE Completers in 18/19 outpace the State Completers for the 17/18 school year.

Riverside Student Population

Enrollment 2017 – 707
Enrollment 2018 – 838

Socioeconomically Disadvantaged
2017 – 35.4%
2018 – 36.5%

English Learners
2017 – 1.8%
2018 – 2%

Foster Youth
2017 – .4%
2018 – .2%

SPED Population
2019 – 11.7%

Encore Riverside Demographics 17/18 School Year

Riverside Encore’s Graduation Rate

Encore Riverside 2018 – 91.6%

Encore Riverside 2019 – 100%

Encore Riverside has had only two graduating classes since the opening of the school in 2015.  In 2018, Encore outpaced the state in graduation rate by 8.1% in graduation rate.  In 2019, Encore outpaced the state average of 83.5% graduation rate of 2018 by 16.5%

Riverside Encore’s Suspension Rate
in the 17/18 was 1.7% lower than the State Average.