Some of the best actors start with Shakespeare.

In every course of acting in the Encore program, at least a quarter is spent learning and mastering the content, classical, and rigid techniques that are a critical part of Shakespeare.  The Theatre department regularly creates productions from the works of Shakespeare.  the reason why Shakespeare is so important to a classical actor is that it teaches students how to research their characters, pay attention to diction, take time to understand their character / purpose / motivation, and do the homework that it takes to make a performance amazing.  Shakespeare is hard to do well.  It takes time to understand what is being said.  Every word has to be dissected and thought about because the words themselves are an art.  When a student can master the technique of good Shakespeare (and be able to get a reaction from an audience that is not Shakespeare versed) this helps them gain a mastery for overall acting.

Shakespeare is classic.  Shakespeare is important.  Shakespeare should be mastered.

Encore Theatre Troupes take part in annual Shakespeare Festivals, go to Shakespeare plays, and produce Shakespeare at least once every four semesters.

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